Le tanneur or longchamp ??

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  1. Am about to buy a bag !! I love both brands and both same style i got a little confused !!

    I love the planetes collection of longchamp and the olivia and swana collection from le tanneur !! What do u thk ladies ?? Do u own any of them ??
  2. I have never heard of Le tanneur . Do they sell them in the U.S.A.?
  3. To tell u the truth i dunno !!!
    Its a french known french brand ( at least in france and lebanon lolol )


    This is the link :smile:
  4. Wgat i like most about le tanneur is there is no fake !! Where i live everybody have le pliage fake !!! They sell them at 10 usd and to tell u the truth i didbt see the difference !!!!! So somehow its annoying le to pay and ppl thk its fake !!!
  5. Between these two I definitely prefer Longchamp. They offer a greater variety of styles and the leather seems to be of higher quality.
  6. Yayyyyy lolol
  7. I need an every day bag :smile: heavy use !! Lol baby and work !
    Here r sone pics

    Do u know well le tanneur cuz quality in leather is woooww was on the market before lc

    image-2488213627.jpg image-2280827631.jpg image-4090701507.jpg
  8. I have a Longchamp bag and I like it but I'm always worried that if I put too many things in there or if it's too heavy it would break. I've never seen a Le Tanner bag so I can't really comment on it but I do like what I see on their website. I really like that the Swana tote because the inside pocket thing is detachable and with the Longchamp there is no smaller pocket in the Le Pliage. I wish i could order the Swana tote but I don't think they ship to the US :sad:

    I've never heard of Le Tanneur either until today. I check their website and they have one location here in the US but idk if we can order from their website in the US. The one and only location is at Buena Vista Lake.
  9. Le tanneur is on sale !!!! So may be its a sign lolol

    Tomorrow going to check will let u know :smile:
    I like the tote very much the pocket is very practical and u can move it from bag to bag !!

    I like the swana messenger bag too seems very practical on a run lol
    I am checking the olivia collection from le tanneur i loved it !!!!!!!
    Hope i ll find those item on sale :smile::smile: wish me luck !
  10. I have one le pliage small size but really i never could find my phone i was digging in the bag !! Lolol but the colors r so attractive !!!
  11. Le tanneur !!! M in loveeeee !!!!

    I went and omg really u should order !!!!
    I bought 3 bags !! Yayyyy here r the pics
    Couldnt choose leather brow or black so i took both lol

    image-1858082793.jpg image-2649234774.jpg
  12. congrats blue! :smile: your first step outside the jewelry forum :roflmfao:
  13. Yessss lololol thks a lot :smile:
  14. Blue the bags you got are sooo pretty! Would love to see modeling pics of course!