LB Dark Gray Mini Mattie REVEAL

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  1. She's here and she's beautiful! Even her dust bag is cute....

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  2. OMG...excited!
  3. Excuse the pic quality - they were taken with my Blackberry...

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  4. It's hard to capture the color on camera, it is a deep, rich gray. The leather is soft too!
  5. OMG.......Congrats!
  6. *~*What a gorgeous Mattie!!! Love the color...*~*
  7. omg I DIE:faint:
  8. GOGEOUS!!!! what a fabulous color!!!
  9. Thank you! I am in love :love: If you are waiting for one of these to arrive you will not be disappointed!!!
  10. OMG. GORGEOUS!!! Congratulations :smile:
  11. OMG!! YAY!! It looks fabulous!! I love the new dustbag!!

    Any modeling pics??

    My Vintage violet mini mattie just shipped early next week is my guess for me to get my hands on her!
  12. Modeling pics coming shortly....
  13. Beautiful! Congrats!
  14. I don't have a great spot for modeling pics but I did my best...

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  15. Wow, she's gorgeous...congrats! Looks perfect on you too!