Latest collection pic's!!!

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  1. Haven't done this in awhile, and I'm home sick so I figured I may as well be "productive!"

    I should wait as I'll be adding 2 new (to me) great bags, 1 tomorrow and the other is on her way....I'll keep it a slight mystery for a reveal!!!

    Anywho...don't miss poor Sabrina who is hiding behind miss Lindsay, who I may add is a camera HOG! ha ha

    I am SO ON BAG BAN!!!!!! :P
    001.JPG 002.JPG 003.JPG 004.JPG 005.JPG
  2. LOVE your collection, it looks VERY similar to mine, great taste!! :tup:
  3. What a gorgeous collection! Love all the colors! :drool:
  4. Wow, very nice collection. The Lindsay does just pop right out of your collection doesn't she?
  5. Wow your collection is absolutely TDF! You sure do have great taste! Can't wait to see what you have coming soon! :yahoo:
  6. Wow! I agree with what you've been saying, you sure have gotten a lot of Coach! I like the variety and different colors.
  7. Stunning collection. I love the variety. My favorite is your teal lindsay. Well done.
  8. wow! the teal lindsay is gorgeous!
  9. Very nice Collection. I love the way you layed everything out too Very nice
  10. Thanks gal's! I really did notice as I laid everything out that I do have a great color variety going on!!! I just pick what I love! I know alot of women don't go for the "factory bags." I must say that one of my FAV signature bags IS the made for outlet Hampton's carryall. It's a great size and has easy access!

    There is more to come! I should have a reveal tomorrow, maybe 1 bag, maybe 2 bags! Gotta depend on the carriers!!!:P
  11. LOVE IT!! You Go Girl!

    Where are your hats??? I know you have some that will match!!!! :welcome: LOL!!
  12. Hey Pzold!!! How about next time I'm "dolled up" with one of my hat's and a Coach bag...I'll post you a pic! My collection will never hold a candle to your matching set's! Your threads/collections and personal style are a true inspiration!!! :tup:
  13. Congrats lovecoachmore. You have great collection.
  14. What an amazing collection!!! You have wonderful taste.......whenever you get tired of your sabrina, just let me know!;)

    <---------------- Loves it! LOL (who do we know does that? :P)
  15. Congratulations LoveCoachMore! That's a nice mix of siggy/leather/legacy.