Last of Spring on Coach website...does this mean more deletes at the outlet?

  1. I clicked onto the Coach website this morning, and on the front page at the bottom, it says, "Say so long to the season (Spring) with these items, now until July 30th!

    So, that must mean patchwork is soon to go to the outlets?:confused1:

    Any news on this Coach SA's (Sarah, Sprinkles, ect...)?
  2. I don't know but they had a LOT of Watercolor & Summer Patchwork & Straw Baskets at the outlet yesterday! They said they should be getting more in!!!
    I REALLY want the Patchwork Hobo and Sig Shoulder Tote!!!
  3. It does seem they don't stick around that long, I wouldn't be surprised.
  4. Well, that's interesting, isn't it? I would assume that those would hit the outlets in August then?
  5. Our outlet had the summer patchwork there yesterday if that is the pattern you are talking about. That was at Grove City.
  6. yeah my outlet has the patchwork satchels and that in already
  7. wow ladies, there is a reason that I do not live in a city that has an outlet but I sure wish I did. Every chance I get to go to Vegas, I hit the outlet and my girlfriend was just there looking for the coach double clutch wristlet...has anyone seen one and where. Am I able to call the outlet and ask them to ship, I don't care about the cost, I just need one :hysteric::hysteric:
  8. my outlet had the patchwork stuff yesterday too! Totes, swingpacks, etc. Stuff is getting there super fast these days!!
  9. I'm glad I ordered my patchwork ergo on PCE as I live nowhere near an outlet. No regrets here. You ladies near outlets are so lucky!
  10. ^^^^ yup, that's the patchwork I saw too!
  11. I REALLY need a job!!! The outlets are gonna be super the couple of months!!!
  12. I heard that if outlets ship to you, the bag/ accessory costs full price! :cursing: :tdown:
  13. I was at two macy's stores in LA area today and they had a TABLE full of these on sale....
  14. my outlet today had carlys, cotton satchels in denim and chocolate, both cotton shoulder bags, patchwork bags, straw bags, watercolor stuff, perfume print things, scarf ergo hobos and totes, owl keychains, legacy slim tote in natural, canvas carly, demi carly (leather and cotton), and I forget what else! nothing was over 350. the satchels were 311 I think?