Last day to return this bag! Is it a keeper?

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Keep or return?

  1. Keep it!

  2. Return it!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. ARGH! This bag has been driving me nuts. I love it and I dont love it, kwim?
    I've bought it, sold it, rebought it, and now I have it again! You cannot buy this bag anymore on HH's website, so if I return it, I won't be able to buy it again!

    For you personally, would you keep this bag, or would you return it?

    Your help is appreciated!

  2. Return it! the other one is better, the one you had a previous poll for, I think it was Botikier!
  3. I liked the Botikier better too! :smile:

  4. return it, from your sig pic it looks the same color as your RM.
  5. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Agree with the above comment and the RM is sooooo much nicer
  6. Gung, Isn't this the second time you bought this bag? If so, keep doesn't eat or have doctor bills.
  7. I'd keep that bag. I think it's lovely!
  8. I didn't see previous poll so nothing to compare it to. I like this bag. The fact that you repurchased it must mean something? But then again the fact that you are unsure of keeping it............Sorry, I'm no help! lol I know it's so hard to part with bags. I just sold one on ebay and was so having sellers remorse but time to move on. I say keep it
  9. I think if you're having this many doubts about it, it's not meant to be. Besides, your purple RM is a thousand times better!

  10. mlinky -
    great comment, made me LOL!

    gung -
    just keep it for c-sake......IF you bought it at the last sale price, and IF you return this NOW at THAT price, you're gonna regret it.
  11. Bought it twice???? KEEP IT!!!!
  12. You bought it twice for a reason so keep it. I love it.
  13. you crazy girl. KEEP IT! you got it for a SONG, and if anything, i wouldn't return to HH now. you can CERTAINLY sell it on ebay and recoup the cash
    if you need more time to decide. i own this bag and while it hasn't seen much action since the LP SS, i love it! a great knock about casual looking bag, and it feels really great on my shoulder - sits just right.
  14. I think it looks busy. But, if you got a great deal and think you'd use it, why not.
  15. Keep IT! I think its gorgeous and the fact that you bought it twice should tell you something!
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