Lanvin flat boots

  1. I was in NYC this weekend, freezing in ballet flats, so I decided I wanted to get some boots that were comfortable enough to walk around in all day. I looked on the forum for some boot recommendations and saw that lots of people liked the Lanvin flat boots.

    I would have preferred black, but only had them in dark brown in my size. I didn't know if I really wanted to pay $865 for boots (I've been on a huge spending streak for a while, and though I can afford it, I'm starting to feel a bit guilty) but I decided to order them, figuring there was a good chance that they wouldn't fit anyway since my calves are pretty muscular.

    So they arrived today and it turns out they do fit around my calves (my left calf is bigger than my right and it's a bit snug on that calf, but I can get them zipped and they'll probably stretch). I think they're lovely, but I'm not sure whether I can justify the cost. Also, the pair I got have a few spots where they're a little discolored (not sure if this is normal).

    What do you think?

    (Excuse the rolled up jeans and camera phone pics - I'm at work)
    lan1.jpg lan2.jpg lan3.jpg
  2. I love them! I'm waiting for a pair of my own to arrive, I ordered the black from a Barneys store in Boston. I have to say, I am now concerned that they may not fit me well since my calves are weaklings...

    As far as the spots, that would bother me due to the hefty price, but it depends on the person. They're not noticeable in the pics though.
  3. i love the fit on you!!

    i have these from last year with the buttons version and i find them to be super comfy!!
  4. How do they feel? Comfort alone would be worth the price.
  5. I like these boots. I remember seeing them on some celebrities recently (Linday Lohan I think) and thinking to myself that if I wore flats, I would get those boots for sure. They look great on you.
    I hope this next comment doesn't come across as rude but I think that $865 for boots is actually a good deal. Considering the prices on designer boots these days, anything under $1K is a good deal.
  6. Kamilla's right. I have not seen a pair of premium designer boots under $1,000. Considering Lanvin flats already go for what $500, the boots are still less than double the cost.
  7. i agree with kamilla, i thought i was really lucky when i managed to snag up the chloe paddington boots in dark brown (short stack heel) for 625 euros in Paris last fall! they were my best buy for boots imo! boots that cost below 1k are definitely a steal, especially when they are lanvins!
  8. I think they are fab, and they look great on you. I just bought a pair from Jeffreys, the same boots with a little heels.
  9. No, I guess I've been realizing this looking at alternatives, all the others I've liked have been more expensive.
  10. They're extremely comfortable.

    I think what I'm going to do is return the brown ones and try to get the same boot in black, since I was really looking for black boots to begin with and they go with more of my clothes. If I keep the brown, I'll also feel the need to get some black flat boots too (though I think I'm going to get a raise this week and then maybe I can justify a pair of each).

    I called Barneys in Boston - they don't have the black in my size, but they're going to call around to other stores and get back to me.
  11. i've been eying these too! i love lanvin shoes/bags
  12. I love those! Would definitely buy a pair in black!
  13. the problem is that I can't find them in my size (38.5) in black. I tried Barneys, Susan in CA, Ikram in Chicago, and Bob Ellis and none of them have these.

    Anyone know where else I should look for these?

  14. i think they look great on you!! considering the price of their flats, this boot seems 'reasonable" and plus i think it's classic enough that you could wear it for many seasons, i like the brown too.