Lancel--Does Anyone Have This Brand????

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  1. A few months back, someone on Purseforum mentioned the brand Lancel. I took a look at the website--it's a French brand, with leather tanned in France, made in Italy, if I have it right. I am somewhat intrigued by the "Charlie" specifically, in terms of a bag for fall. Do any of you ladies have one, or know much about the brand? I think I would have forgotten about it, but saw it advertised in a flight magazine while on vacation in Europe. Any input would be appreciated!
  2. Hi Barbee!
    I don't own a Charlie bag but it's on my wishlist.
    I have seen it in real life and it' s a real beauty.
    Wonderful leather, Italian made andgreat design
    Lancel is an old French brand , a very reputable one.
    The Charlie can be compared to other high end brands at a more reasonable price point.
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  3. The Charlie looks lovely online. I remember going into a boutique and liking some of their bags a lot. I don't remember seeing the Charlie. I'd love if someone on here did some modelling shots of it. What size would you get?
  4. Thanks for the replies, ladies. Maria, It's good to hear this from someone in France! Wouldn't it be great if Purseblog could highlight lesser known brands(at least in the US) like this one.
    As to size, Kellybuzzbuzz(and I love that name) I would be in between the smallest and medium size. Of course. So the medium, I suppose.
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  5. :tup::tup::tup::tup:
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  6. Thanks--I did check it out. The member who wanted to get a Charlie never posted again. I need a pic of someone with a Charlie bag, in real life :cool:
  7. Lancel bowling bag - cognac. Today at Winners downtown Vancouver $799 cad
    It’s a lovely thick supple leather - colour is gorgeous
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  8. I don't have a bag from them YET, but I do own a pochette clés and it's TDF; thick, robust leather that isn't showing any wear whatsoever even after being used daily for the two years I've owned it. It was preloved so it's seen 3 years of active use. The hardware, stitching, all looking perfect also.
    I've been toying around with the thought of getting a Flirt but can't seem to be able to pull the trigger; I'm really happy with my current collection but I can't say what will happen when I come across the perfect Flirt ...
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  9. I love Lancel. I have several but my favorite is Flore de Lancel Hobo in red. I also have a Bianca de Lancel Satchel that i would like to sell. Can any suggest a good selling site for these bags? Lanceel 1.jpg
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  10. IMG_0498.JPG I finally bought a Charlie some time ago.
    It's very different from most of my bags and it gets a lot of compliments.
    Thick leather, roomy and very well made.
    Here is the medium size. Perfect for me.
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  11. What a beauty. Congrats
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  12. Great!! Great! Love this bag absolutely! One of the best bag of these times, the design, colors, leather, quality... :smile:
    Congrats and enjoy!
    Where did you buy it? Is it pesonalised? And they had also tha name tag in the shop?

    It will be mine also this year!
    I was waiting four year for the fuschia and/or lila color and it seems they will be in this season both of them! Tehy have small size in this colours just now but I hope, I TRUST, they will be in medium size till the begining of summer. I am crazy about it, I am checking the website every weekend and I am ready to sit to car and go to Paris every monent! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  13. I found it on Monnierfreres website.
    Lajka, I think you will be able to find the colours you want.
    Check Lancel website and Monnier regularly.
    If I see lilac or fuschia somewhere, I will tell you.:smile:
  14. It's beautiful. I just got same bag in blue jean colour. I agree it's very lovely and different.
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