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  1. I think my next bag may need to be Lagoon Togo......has ANYONE seen this colour in store yet...or any pics?????? It's SO hard to decide sight unseen, but my store is only getting a few in, and I need to decide between BJ and Lagoon before Christmas.....can anyone help poor old GF????????:shrugs:
  2. lagoon? I am sold by just hearing the name!!!!sooo heavenly!!!
  3. I know! And my SA said "oh! it would really suit you"....but they always say things like that - LOL!
  4. I want to see!!!
  5. Lagoon What exactly... am already lying down... come and get me...:smile:
  6. OH! I know what you mean ( I think ) can not post here... I love the color!
  7. P.S. DH loves you!
  8. well no help here waiting for a bolide to show up too. i am ike you uncertain how i like it in a bag. the swatch is beautiful but i have to see it in a bag 8same with bleu paon)
  9. sounds pretty. Can you describe the color??
  10. Here's a Lagon swatch.

    Attached Files:

  11. it LOOKS EXACTLY like a vacation bag.
    Something summery, and beachy.
    Sign me up, that color looks dreamy.
    Is it only going to be available in box, or perhaps togo?
  12. ^^ Does it actually come in Togo? Or just Veau Tadeelakt for SS2008?
  13. Pretty. Its like muted BJ yeah?
  14. I personally thought it's a deeper blue than Blue Jean actually.
  15. I'd have to see it IRL. But I love blues. Sapphire is my favorite.