Lady Luck Smiling on me :) First Reveal!!!

Jan 23, 2008
Wherever my DH goes...
Hi all,

I am a huge fan of the purse forum (especially the Chanel and the Hermes forums) but am more of an avid reader than a contributor.I am extremely grateful to everyone here for providing me with so much information and knowledge which has helped me when it comes to deciding on my very first Hermes bag :biggrin:

So here today, I am going to be a contributor and reveal my very first Hermes Bag.

Before i do my reveal, i would also like to take this opportunity to thank my dearest girlfriend (who is also a Tpfer- if are reading this, u know who u are), it is through her that i was able to get my dream bag!

From this forum, I have learnt a couple of things along the way when it comes to buying my dream bag:
1) You need to be a big spender or VIP customers. In Asia (in particular), they will not sell this bag to any new customer!
2) Has to be very "thick-skinned"
3) Timing of purchase is crucial
4) Lots and lots and lots of luck (to the multiples of infinity)

Unfortunately, i cannot afford to be a VIP customer :sad:

As a SAHM of a very active 15mths old toddler, i have absolutely no time to build relationship and be thick skinned with any Hermes SA. In fact, not to long ago, i almost accepted the fact that i probably would never be able to own my dream bag after hearing and reading about other's experience.

In a twist of events, lady luck started smiling on me :smile:

This may be quite hilarious to some of you, but i really feel soooooooo LUCKY (felt like i have struck the jackpot) when my girlfriend told me that her SA in the US had the bag i want !!! :yahoo:

Okay, i will not keep everyone in suspense anymore.


Aug 30, 2009
Oh, what a great story!! I am SO happy this story ended happily. Can't wait to see!!! :nuts:
ps. LOVE that picture on your avatar! Such a cutie pie!


May 12, 2007
Love it when a pfer share her/his story, what a great way to reveal the first H bag!! Congrats ilovemychanel !! Can't wait to see pics!


Oct 13, 2007
Wow - stunning!!!! Congrats on your first birkin!
Am happy that luck is on your side! TPF angels are the best :smile: