Lady Dior mini vs medium

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  1. Hello, I am going to Italy in 2 weeks and I am planning on buying my first Dior bag, a Lady Dior. I cant decide if I should go for mini or medium..? Please help me!!

    My current collection:
    Chanel classic flap m/l
    Chanel GST
    Chanel WOC
    LV neverfull mm
    LV pochette metis
    LV Speedy B 30
    LV favorite pm
    Gucci disco bag

    What I usually carry:
    LV zippy coin purse
    Keys/ car keys
    and if I can sunglasses

    Please help me decide! Thanks in advance!
  2. Since it's your 1st I say go for the medium! I love the two I have ~
  3. I actually suggest the mini. May not fit your sunglasses afterwards but since you have a Gucci Disco and Chanel WOC, the mini Lady Dior will serve your needs very well.

    You should get the mini with the detachable chain strap. It's very classy.
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  4. I would say go for the medium! I have two mediums in patent and a mini in lambskin. My collection also includes Chanels (jumbo, backpack, mini, tote, bumbags). I just think you will use the medium more because of size and will have more room for versatility as carried in the hand- a medium does quite well for evening too. The medium is the iconic size and houses the details and craftsmanship, I think, most people are drawn to with this bag. After I bought my first, I loved the structure and size so much I purchased another in another colour as I wanted to carry this design more.

    But really, you cannot go wrong. The mini is just gorgeous and with the crossbody option- is just so functional and in fashion, keeping with the times.
  5. I vote for mini :smile: I love the one I have and it will fit everything you listed, though you might have to forgo the case for the sunnies if it's a bulky case. In any case, do try both on and see which one you prefer. You can't go wrong here :smile:
  6. If it's your first LD, I'd choose the Medium. It's a gorgeous classic that is the perfect size for what you carry and it transitions well from day to evening. With the new strap, you'd have the cross body option as well . Good luck choosing!
  7. Only way is to try both sizes on. I was debating between these 2 sizes myself and decided in mini when I tried them out. Mini looks better on me but I'm by no means petite. Somehow the vibe of the mini works better on me, even the several SAs in the boutique and my SO agreed.
  8. I went through this debate in January when I was deciding on my first LD. I wanted black Lambskin with GHW. Since I have a black 28 Kelly with GHW I ended up going with the mini, but quickly decided I also needed a medium as well.

    I love my mini, but it's really only suited for evenings out. It holds a card holder or mini wallet, iPhone, lipstick and a few other small items. Sunglasses won't fit and if you have a large amount of keys or a key holder they won't fit either.

    I feel the medium can go from day to night and hold all the essential items.

    Good luck choosing. It's a tough decision!
  9. Medium
  10. How abouu the new size - small? It's between the mini and medium. So it fits more than mini and has the flap closure like mini.
  11. I was just about to write that I will go for the mini [emoji4] I didnt know there was a size between. Does anyone have pictures or a link that I can check? TIA
  12. Also, does anyone know which colors I might find in the stores? Im hoping for blue, red or a beige..
  13. I saw the new size irl the other day and I loved it. I think its a wonderful size and very practical.
  14. Is it already in stores?
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