Ladies who have seen the SS '08 Colors: Helps Pls!


Is this the new BG Pink or Magenta?

  1. It's definitely the new BG Pink!

  2. It's definitely the new Magenta!

  3. I have no clue either!

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I know quite a few of you have seen the SS '08 colors already so could you please clear this one up for us:

    Is this the new BubbleGum Pink or Magenta?

    To me personally it looks like it is exactly in the middle so I am clueless! Thanks in advance!:yes::heart:

    Deana's BG Pink City
    Firstclass's Magenta Work
  2. Anyone?:yes:
  3. I'd say it's the new bubblegum; magenta is supposed to have some purple in it, like the 05 and LE, but that one has verrrrrrrry little.
  4. LoL...looks like the 'clueless' ones (like me) are winning! ;)
  5. i have no idea, but that color totally does't look like any sort of "magenta"
  6. to me it looks like a very intense version of rose maybe? but then again i have absolutely no clue:graucho:
  7. It has to be BG.. it makes sense with with the way it's been described by members who have seen it with their own eyes.. The word "watermelon" was thrown around i believe and that's definitely what it looks like to me. I think Magenta will be a pink as vibrant as 05 and LE but less purple.. so more like a hot pink.
  8. whatever it is, i like!!!
  9. If that is bubblegum... I am so happy! haha. I passed up a LTD Magenta and I was kind of feeling like I should've just jumped on it.... but its just not really me. I need something a bit more "subdued." haha. :smile:
  10. I have no clue, but hope it's magenta, because I 'd prefer a sweeter BG pink, like the '05 one... Does this make sense?
  11. I'm pretty sure thats the BG. It doesn't look anything like a magenta color what so ever.
  12. I wanted to know this too Marie :yes: b/c I have no clue :nogood: !
    To me it looks similar to the '04 Rose - so it's just between the '05 BG Pink and the Magenta :yahoo:.
    Whatever it is - I LOVE it :heart:
  13. I'm just hoping that whatever that color comes out in S/S because I want it!!!!! It is the perfect color...not so pink like my BG and not so purple like my '05 Magenta LOL I love pink....but am not one to buy duplicates!
  14. I emailed that pic to my SA and it was confirmed as 08 BG Pink. I was a little disappointed as I wanted it to look more like BG Pink 2005 (you know, softer and fairy-floss-like). This does have a mix of lilac & soft magenta. It's most like 2004 Rose (but not as pretty). If you had a lilac & violet in your collection I feel this new BG Pink is too similar. It will look good in a little makeup or coin purse though!!!
  15. I think it leans towards pink... :yes: