Ladies, I need Help Choosing for PCE!

PCE Undecisiveness - Help me Decide

  • Dont get Kristin - take a chance on it hitting the outlets

  • Get the Blue Smoke Kristin since you like the color

  • Return Sequin Audrey and get python Sophia Instead

  • Keep Sequin Audrey and do not get python Sophia

  • Get the All!

  • Other Combination of the above, please elaborate

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Feb 8, 2009

I am returning the floral Sophia. I have decided I am definitely getting the small black croc Sophia.

Undecided about the following:

  1. LOVE the Kristin Blue Smoke Satchel in small - Con is that I have a nagging feeling this is going to hit the outlets soon. The color does not seem to be resonating as much with others as myself. But keep in mind my outlet rarely gets FP deletes and if they do it is usually Siggy Bags. I have Krsitin satchel but in violet with silver hardware. Feel I need to add a bag in this color to my wardrobe
  2. The bag in my avatar, small pink python sophia. Love the colors, love the amber hardware. The majority of my wardrobe is pink and purple. Cons: Pricey and worry that python "scales" might peel. Though I have seen the gray IRL have not seen the pink or even a reveal
  3. Sequined Audrey: I have this bag and have not snipped the tags. One because even if I keep it I have to exchange it because the material under the sequins is creased. Pros: One of the most beautiful bags I have seen. Cons: Worry about sequins falling off. Also fear that if return it, I will regret and wont be able to find it later. Dont think one will be at the outlet in droves.
Please help me by voting and sharing your thoughts verbatim


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Jan 25, 2010
I think you should get the Kristin Satchel. Who knows what's going to end up at the outlet and when, plus you are getting it at PCE price.

I also think you should keep the Sequin Audrey and skip the python Sophia. I know that both are delicate in their own ways but I think the Sequin Audrey will hold up better in the long run, IMO.


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Oct 9, 2009
If you are worried enough about the sequins that you will second-guess yourself on carrying it, take it back. I wouldn't spend that much on a bag if I was worried about being able to use it! I think the python would hold up better and...
it's PINK :smile: Easy decision for me! lol


Jan 4, 2007
I just ordered and received the sequin Audrey yesterday. I am with you, the most beautiful bag I ever have seen/owned! But, not an everyday piece due to the nature of sequins. If you have others, and will only use it for special things, keep it. I can't believe how pretty it is...I too am hoping to score at Kristin at the outlet. It isn't urgent for me, so I will wait it out.


Jul 5, 2009
Peoria (Phoenix) Arizona
I am not a fan of any of them. I loved the look of the python, but I played with one at the store the other day and the scales seem more delicate. The sequins will fall off on the Audrey, and you already have the satchel just in another color. Have you been to the store today to check out the new floorset? That is what I would do, go play with all of the new things and see if there is something else that will fit all of your needs. Since you wear a lot of purples, have you considered the small purple sophia? That is a good everyday bag in a more classic style, which you would be able to get more then one season out of.


Jan 18, 2010
I LOVE the sequin audrey, so I say keep her!! If I had enough money, I would buy her in a heartbeat!! I was drooling over her at my boutique earlier in the week and I would love to own her!! Also, I don't think you would use it everyday, so hopefully it would last. I also love the python, but IMO, it is way too expensive for the size and it sounds as though the scales are delicate. It looks like a bag you could use more often than audrey, but again, IMO, too much worry. As far as Kristin, buy it if you think you'll miss it at the outlet. If it does make the outlet soon, perhaps you can buy after and then return the FP? Anyway, that's my two cents, HTH!


Oct 12, 2009
I think the pink sophia will peel......I saw her today, it was already flacking!

The sequin audrey is to delicate for me with small kids....

And i think the Kristin will hit the outlet...... so iam no help =)


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Aug 23, 2009
I love the sequin audrey - I fell in complete love with her when I saw her. I think the sophia in the pink python is not a classy enough bag - if you got her in the regular python, then you can carry her for years! The kristen is too grownup for me to care for, I like some sass. I totally think you should keep the audrey, the sequins are toned down enough that they are not gawdy and I think you could carry that bag for years (with a decent amount of care used - but i dont think any of us trash our precious Coach bags ;) )