Ladies, I need Help Choosing for PCE!

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PCE Undecisiveness - Help me Decide

  1. Dont get Kristin - take a chance on it hitting the outlets

  2. Get the Blue Smoke Kristin since you like the color

  3. Return Sequin Audrey and get python Sophia Instead

  4. Keep Sequin Audrey and do not get python Sophia

  5. Get the All!

  6. Other Combination of the above, please elaborate

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. You got it? Great! I do believe this bag is a special ocassion type of bag.
    I'm glad you love it!
  2. Btw OP I'm gonna be bias and say keep audrey. If you don't plan to use it everyday then keep her. She's georgeos and I will be also afraid not to see her again

  3. So did I! Give us some easier choices, to rule out! You have 3 EXCELLENT bags here!
  4. If you can do it, get them all and have a blast. But if not, I would take back the Sequin Audrey and get the Pink Python Sophia. It is TDF. The color is gorgeous.
  5. I am absolutely addicted to python. I got the clutch, in addition to several other goodies which the fedex truck will be bringing soon. I took a few photos to give you a real life view of it. (although the lighting here stinks) :smile:

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  6. Keep the sequins audrey! She is gone from the store already I think? I didn't see any in my store yesterday.
  7. Update: I went PCE shopping the day I was blindsided and found out the guy I have been dating on/off for 5 years got married 3 months ago and I am just finding out by accident. We work together and I heard it in conversation with another colleague. In fact we went out Thursday and he never said a word to me, don't know how he thought I would not find out my reactive spending spree consisted of:

    Black Croc Sophia Small
    Purple Gathered Sophia Small (yes small!)
    Pink Python Sophia Small
    Cranberry Patent Maggie
    Blue Smoke Kristin Satchel

    I did not think I would like the gathered purple with gold, not silver hardware but the store Mgr showed me hers and it was TDF! She did not even know they had a small size....believe there were only 140 in the system.

    It is killing me but I exchanged the sequin Audrey for the Pink Python and now must have her back. I am sure there will be one bag in this bunch that I am not over the moon about...having not seen the Cran Maggie or Pink Python Sophia IRL. And I think the Blue Smoke Kristin color looks different at home than in the store.

    I am waiting for all of these to be shipped. Will definitely keep the Black Croc Sophia and Gathered Purple. The other 3 I am up in the air about, but I do know something has gotta give to get back my beloved Sequin Audrey. If this bag ends up at the outlet I will of course be kicking myself!

    Suprisingly I also liked the crimson Dotted C Sophia and could end up exchange a bag for that as well. And I usually dont go for siggy bags but it is so darn cute. I never really have luck with Maggies but always buy them and then sell/return later. But the new Mia Maggies feel more flexible and am dying to see the cranberry

    Now just waiting on the Fedex man with the packages to heal my broken heart :crybaby:
  8. I'm so glad I read to the end instead of just posting... Oh honey! :hugs: Big, big hugs! Retail therapy feels good for a while, and I hope that you end up loving all the bags you got. I'm going through something painful myself, though nothing like what you got blindsided with :hugs: so I understand the splurge. I think you made a lot of really good choices, and I find myself loving your tastes :P There are several bags on your list that I would get if I weren't saving atm. I agree about the dotted c print, very cute!

    I'm sending good vibes and warm wishes your way (can you feel them yet? lol!) I know there's nothing really I can say that can make you feel better right now, so I'll just say that you deserve a million times better than to be treated that way. Things get better with time, some times a lot of time, sometimes not much. We're all here for you :heart: :heart:
  9. Oh, I'm so sorry about the news you rec'd! Nothing like some retail therapy to, at the very minimum, distract from the ache! You deserve much better than to be treated like that!Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your gorgeous new bags!
  10. Thanks everyone. Luckily I can work from home and not go into the office. Apparently a few of my office buds knew he got married but I work with mostly know how they are...they don't want to deal with any emotional outbursts. He does not know I know. I am thinking of bringing a wedding gift to his house to leave with his wife, letting him know I know in a sort of a grand gesture. I keep going back and forth. I know he won't give me the opportunity to have it out with him which is what I really want and reallly need to do. Oh well.
  11. I think that would be a very classy response! :okay:
    I love all your bag choices, btw.
  12. Oh I know that pain - He is not worth anything if he didnt tell you that he had gotten married in person- he was chicken (IMO) :sad:

    But your new bags are all soo pretty and when that fedex man arrives - he will brighten your day incredibly!!!! Your new purchases will give you something to look at and smile.

    Hugs from all of us!!! :hugs:
  13. Honestly, it's better you DON'T "have it out with him" as that will mean he won by keeping it from you and really letting you down.

    I would totally get a small wedding gift, give it to her, wish them both well and just be glad someone else wiped your hands of him FOR you. Think about what she went through too, she now is MARRIED to a guy who was dating other girls! Just be glad you aren't her, married to him and unaware of these bad habits!
  14. I would totally get a small wedding gift, give it to her, wish them both well and just be glad someone else wiped your hands of him FOR you. Think about what she went through too, she now is MARRIED to a guy who was dating other girls! Just be glad you aren't her, married to him and unaware of these bad habits![/QUOTE]

    Agreed! I know it's easier said than done though, I'd have A LOT to say :censor: