Ladies, do you wear your paddys with the padlock?

  1. Aah, I am so envious with all of you with the great paddys, but one thing that I cannot handle is the weight. I bought one once, put it on the scale when it arrived (4.5 lbs, by the way), and return it the next day:sad:. Do you wear your paddys with or without the padlock?
  2. i wear mine with the padlock, but it is sooo heavy (not a bag to take shopping)
    i think its because im only 5ft2 and have quite a small frame!
    ive just bought another but i think next time i will try a baby paddy bag!
  3. I always wear the lock, thats what draws me to the bag in the first place!!! Although my bag is ridiculously heavy it , imho, wouldn't be the same without the lock. Thats why I only carry my paddy's when I'm going out without the kids or when someones with me to help out!
  4. I always wear the lock, I think my paddys look quite "naked" without it. But my loaf (my avatar) looks amazingly good without the lock too but still I've always ended up putting the lock back to it's place... it's great excercise for arms haha!:p
  5. R U kidding? I :heart:love:heart: the whole package!!! Altho a little heavy, I PROUDLY DISPLAY that lock by placing it back in front of the bag whenever it flops inside the bag (esp. w/ front pocket paddy's) or if it's on the wrong side!
  6. yes i do this to!
  7. Hmm...maybe I should stick with the capsule...:shrugs:
  8. i love the capsule!!!
  9. i love wearing the paddy w/ lock and all... it's not that heavy for me... but i'm a gym rat so 5 lbs is nothing to me.
  10. hm, it's funny, i don't really notice the weight of the paddington at all.

    but maybe cause i'm used to lugging around heavy backpacks loaded with books & laptop? paddy doesn't feel like much relative to that!
  11. I wear my paddy just with the padlock..the weight it's not important..
  12. The lock makes the bag - IMO! I'll never forgot how the Chinese guys I worked with in Taiwan were laughing at such a hunk of metal on my purse but nothing NOTHING will stop me from displaying it proudly - LOL!
  13. The lock IS the bag IMO.... That's why I want it.... But I thought the weight wasn't bad, maybe 3 least for the small paddy satchel I,m waiting on. At least that's what shipping label said....
  14. ITA!
  15. i know it's chloe blasphemy but i never wear the lock