Ladies and Gents. I want to know...

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  1. So, it's been on my mind this any of you Coach shoppers own or shop any premier designers? I definitely want to know what else is in your collection and what other brands you're shopping. Can't wait to hear from you all and see your beautiful pieces! Any Birkins or Kelly's out there? Hermes, Chanel, Prada? Givenchy? Exotics? Ect?
  2. I have 1 Brighton maybe not real high end but did cost $320.00, 1 Longchamp, 3 Louis vuittons. the rest are Coach.
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    3 Louis Vuitton, 1 Bottega Veneta, along with SLGs of those two. I used to own many more before I downsized.

    Also a few "old school" Rebecca Minkoffs and a MBMJ. And 24 Coach. That's it for me. I have no desire for any other premiere designers besides LV and BV.
  4. 3 Pradas, 1 Fendi, 1 Balenciaga, 1 Louis Vuitton, and 3 Coach bags.
  5. I enjoy having a variety of handbags at different price points. I've been a Coach and Dooney shopper primarily up until about 5 years ago, with a few Guccis along the way. I tend to buy the limited edition or hard to find leather Coach handbags because I'm always drawn to their colors and combinations of details. My recent purchases include the Burberry Canterbury in gold, Gucci soho tote in metallic aubergine and Gucci Bella, along with collecting several Marc Jacobs stams from Ebay. My income has increased over time so I figured it was time to branch out. Last night I found the Coach Dakotah in Periwinkle at the cabazon outlet! Score!! But I know some ladies who wouldn't return to what they consider a "lesser" brand after moving on but I feel good about my Coach choices because they have personality. But I still want a Chanel!!!
  6. 1 Chanel, 10 LV with many Slgs and 22 Coach.
  7. 3 LV + 6 slgs, 1 Burberry + 1 slg, 1 Prada, 1 Marc Jacobs, 2 Longchamp + 1 slg, 1 Rebecca Minkoff, 5 Coach + 4 slgs.

    I love them all!!! :hbeat::heart::hbeat::heart:
  8. 1 Balenciaga, 1 Dior, 1 Bottega Veneta, 2 Fendi, 3 Prada, 1 Miu Miu, 2 Tods, 1 YSL, 5 Lanvin, 3 Ferragamo, 2 Mcqueen, 1 Mulberry, 2 Reed Krakoff, and 2 Kate Spades beside Coach. I like to explore my brands...
  9. 2 Hermes, 17 LV, 2 Balenciaga, 4 Chanel, 8 Gucci, 2 YSL, 2 Goyard and a lot of Coach.
  10. 2 independent designer bags made of the most amazing leather, a Stella McCartney, 2 LVs, Hobo, coach, Loeffler Randall,mz Wallace and Michael kors!°
  11. 2 LV's and Coach. And content! 😍
  12. 1 Michael Kors, 1 Dooney & Bourke, 1 Brighton, 1 Kate Spade, 1 Longchamp, 1 Reed Krakoff, 4 Henri Bendel. I used to have 1 Gucci and 2 Fendi but I sold them.
  13. My collection has downsized a lot. I'm down to a few Coach and a few MK....1 LV...a big Buddha & a Betsey Johnson bag. Then a few no name (old navy/mall bags)
  14. I have everything from Coach, Tory Burch and Kate Spade up to Gucci, Burberry, LV, Chloe etc.
  15. Coach (majority), LV, Longchamp, Marc Jacob & MbMJ, Prada & Reed Krakoff. A Gucci wallet (gave away the bag). Oh and a bag from Nordstom that I'm using now.