L@@k who came today!! REVEAL!!

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  1. Some of you might remember how much I want a madison bag that I love!! Have tried Audrey, no luck, Julianne...she didn't work either!!

    I did find this little beauty though and I do LOVE her, a keeper for sure!!

    And can anyone tell me if you can use Apple conditioner on her without harming her beautiful finish??
    She has a couple of spots on the top I would like to try to improve but don't want to harm her finish? I tried a soft damp cloth and most of it came off! Just wondering if Apple will improve it more?? :P

    Ms. Sabrina in gray!! :yahoo:

  2. oooohhh!!! so cute!!! i have the grey sabrina in large and absolutely adore her!!!! the grey is such a fabulously fresh take on neutral and works in every season!!

  3. That is pretty funny I bought some gray shoes today because of the season hahahaha to go with my grey bag
  4. NICE!! I love it. You can use apple on it. My sister in law has the large one!! Congratulations!!! :woohoo:
  5. We're bag twins on the gray Sabrina!! Isn't she a beauty?! I used Apple on mine and it turned out just fine. Definitely added a little more sheen to her. I noticed a small scratch on the back of the bag before I appled her, and it came out. I would definitely give it a try, if I were you!
  6. Yes I love this soft gray as it will go all season...and I am a TOTAL gray bag fan...so she is perfect!! :yahoo:
  7. YAHHH!! Oh good I am going to try the apple, I just love her sheen and don't want to spoil it!!
  8. Yeah, I don't blame you. The sheen is really beautiful! I love gray bags!!
  9. Me too...and this gray is so soft its not too dark for year round use and I love that!!
  10. i LOVE this bag! it's probably my favorite of all time. congrats!
  11. She is so pretty. Enjoy...
  12. Beautiful bag!
  13. Thanks ladies!! I am happy to have her home!! :smile:
  14. Very pretty. I do love that color!
  15. very nice! the sabrina is definitely a classic.