Kooba Sienna

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  1. Timeless style or only trendy and "now?"
  2. I think it's total trend, nothing more. I could be wrong, though. But I think the whipstich thing is so over, and the gathered pockets, too. I see the Tod's Girelli or the Jimmy Choo tote as more timeless. :biggrin:
  3. totally trendy. it's an ok throw around bag, but would sell it on ebay after 6 months.
  4. I have to agree, along with LV, Gucci, Fendi are some of the timeless bags.
  5. what does it look like?
  6. It is a trend. And like Fayden said, it is a good bag to throw around. The price went down on the Siennas!
  7. Thank god I live up here in New England then. We are always YEARS behind. But I still like mine and don't really care.
  8. definitely trendy
  9. Hey, I just bought one! I won't even use it till the Fall! Yikes you guys are so fickle on bags. I say it you like it and it is a good quality bag, wear it. It won't be an "it" bag long, but it will always be a nice designer bag (right?) Also the sales price was only on the previous season's colors, the new colors are all full price. I mostly got one becasue I love large bags and whether or not they are 'In" at the second, I like to carry them. For the past few years I had not been able to find nice bags that were large enough for me, so I am stocking up while I can!

    I'm also in a part of the country where it takes forever for fashion trends to reach us and I will probably never ever run into anyone here that will even recongnize, my Kooba, Botkier or Paddy and will think my LV is fake, so I just gotta make myself happy!
  10. If you like the style of the bag is does not matter if it is a trend because in the future it may come back plus you will have a style no one will have for the season! Fashion always comes back and recirculates
  11. Oh Inky Paws, I totally agree with everything you said. :biggrin:

    By trendy, I didn't being an "It" bag, but merely one that would look out of place in a year or so with the general population.

    I was just pondering this last night and thought I would ask the experts! :P
  12. While that kind of stitching will always be around, the bag is a bit trendy. I was thinking of getting one, and then I found out that despite the price, they were made in China. For $600, no thanks.

    If I had one though, I'd carry it until it fell apart.
  13. Inky, I just bought one too. And I have to agree with what you said...I may be behind fashion-wise, but if it's a comfortable and convenient bag, I'll wear it! Plus, I got mine on sale!:biggrin: