Kooba Lena Question

  1. Hi! I just found this forum and I'm really hoping one of the Kooba addicts here can help me! ;)

    I absolutely LOVE the Kooba Lena bag, and I'm thinking of buying it in the forest green suede....I'm a huge suede fan. Anyway, I've never seen the bag in real life and the color looks different in every photo I've seen.

    So, my question. Has anyone seen this bag live and in living color or own it? If so, is the color a deep, dark green? Or is it more of a lighter color? Is there a brown tone to it? I'm so confused.....please help if you can! Thanks in advance!
  2. i have seen the lena in person in this color and i would say the pic above is very accurate in color ! :smile:
  3. Thank you both so much for taking the time to reply! Huh.....the color looks a bit faded, dull. I had seen one photo of the bag and it looked like a really rich, deep green (I saw another and it looked brown!). I was hoping it was closer to the dark green. Ah well....perhaps a different bag all together then! I just recently discovered Kooba and there are so many bags I like, it's just trying to narrow it down to one! :smile:
  4. hey i just found one on eBay, and i find peoples personal pictures can be a good way of seeing a color ccause web pics you never know so here it is, it does looks sort of similar to the above in the flash pics, but a deeper color without flash

    and i find flash can distort color a lot! so maybe it is a forrest color and the stock photos taken for the websites just are using light and enhanced in some way not showing the accurate color :smile:

    either way here is the one on eBay
  5. Thanks for the eBay link! I just emailed the seller to ask her which photo was the closest for accurate color. Too bad that bag isn't in better shape, I'd just go for that one and probably save myself quite a bit of money. Hmmph....she could have taken better care of it for me! ;)

    I love the Lena, I gather from reading the posts here that it's not a big favorite among most of you. I think the leather version would be too stiff and I read about the issues with the straps staying on the shoulder. I don't think that would be as big a problem in the suede though since the straps wouldn't be so stiff. I just love suede bags in general.....I know....I'm a glutton for punishment!

    By the way.....does anyone know where I can get a better deal on the bag than the $392 that it's going for on the Kooba web site? It's on sale, but if anyone knows of an even lower price, let me know! Thanks again!
  6. Hey well i think the leather one is amazing it is very soft not stiff at all!!! i am not sure where you heard that but it is a very soft smooshy bag with great straps,,, i cant imagine them ever being a problem

    here is a link about a womans new Lena and here are pics of it (her pics arent coming up for some reason and i had some in my comp)

  7. Wow.....thanks for the pics! I'm new at the whole forum thing, so I'm not great with searches etc. I must have read through a million posts trying to find photos of the bag, preferably on someone's shoulder as I had never seen the bag being worn before. Now I love it even more! Also, in reading through a million posts I may have gotten this bag confused with another style someone referred to as being stiff.....but your description is exactly what I like in a bag.....smooshy!

    You have been a HUGE help and I want to thank you again for your replies to my questions. You've helped me decide to go for the Lena because it's a bag I know I'll be happy with for a long time to come.
  8. hey its no problem at all and remember i am a bigger girl and so on someone smaller it will look even bigger :smile:

    But it is a perfect size i also saw her big sister Sloane and she was just too big, i mean still beautiful but loaded up she would really weigh down the shoulder, this one is a great size def not small but perfect! :smile: After i shipped this one off i really wanted one of these too haha :smile:

    Here it is on its lovely owner it looks AMAZING on her! :smile:

    soo yea goodluck let us know what you pick and welcome! :smile: im so glad i could help you, def go with Lena shes amazing!!!
  9. I'd have to say the Lena in forest green suede is my favourite. You have good taste! :yes:

    There was one going on ebay for a real steal a couple nights ago but I was about 20 minutes late getting home to bid on it. Did you win it by any chance? ;)

    And yeah if anyone knows a cheap deal on this one, please share!!! :drool:
  10. Hi Jadejett,

    I saw the suede Lena bag on Ebay and I had it bookmarked but my limit on it was $100 because of the condition. It doesn't look bad, but I'm pretty picky so.....

    I did it. I ordered the bag directly from Kooba because it was on "sale" for $392 (no tax, free shipping for Mother's Day) and because I searched high and low and couldn't find anyone else who even had it in stock. It will be here on Monday and as soon as it arrives I'll try and figure out how to take photos and I'll post them, OK? I LOVE suede bags and in this style I think it's going to be a gorgeous bag....or at least I REALLY hope so! ;)
  11. I can't wait to see it Stinker. I love suede bags but I have to be so careful so I stay away from them. Be sure to get some Wilsons Leather and Suede protectant and spray it before you take it out. That should help. I'd carry a folded plastic bag in your purse in case you ever got caught in the rain with it.
  12. I absolutely love suede and I'm eyeing the Carla in suede Camel on sale (it's just that the black and Chestnut look so good as well...)

    Congrats on that Lena, Stinkerbelle, want a full report on it!:smile:

    When you're ready to post pics, there are some great threads helping you with this in the Feedback forum, but let us know if you have difficulties:smile:
  13. I love the Lena! (And Bessie who found it for me)

    I'd llike to see it in a suede IRL-I think it'd be even more soft & slouchy right off the bat. I like the suede bags too, but they are a bit more fragile, so they scare me.

    Please do post pics when you receive her! The pics of our real life bags are so much better than the ones on Kooba.com!
  14. hehe and it looks amazing on you! :smile: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I totally agree that all the pics we take of our bags are SO much better then the ones on the web, tehy should have real life pics to show the bags not computer generated looking ones!

    plus we are all SO much cuter then those models hhehe! :smile: