Kooba Jillian

  1. Hi, I new here and from the posts I've read, I'm really glad I found you. OK, here's my first question.

    Does anyone know the reputation of seller "nunnlaO" on eBay? She seems ok but would really appreciate any feedback. Interested in buying two bags from her. Thanks
  2. I do believe that nunnla is a member of the purse forum. You should be okay............
  3. the color of the leather on that jillian looks a little off no? maybe its just the pics.? :confused1:
  4. I'll bet it is just the pics, the graining looks good though!

  5. Good seller and very nice to deal with. You can bid wothout worry. I know from experience with her.
  6. Thanks so much. Love the Jillian and went crazy and bought three (black, sand, bourbon). Do I belong here or what!
  7. OMG!!!!!!! You must be in heaven!!!!!! :wlae:
  8. Oh my, yes, you DO belong here! Can't wait to see the pics. I've been trying to decide on which color Jillian for months now. I see that the solution is just to buy all three!
  9. I love the Jillian so much I want to buy it in black as well. LOL at buying all three! Was that all at once?
  10. Well now I have two Jillians, my Black one and a new one on its way in Bourbon.

    Providence chick, it was all your fault. Your photos of the Bourbon looked so good I knew I had to have one.

    Okay, two down, one to go. *s
  11. Can't believe I did it, but YES, all three all at once. Just couldn't pick a color. :confused1:
  12. I was in the same boat as you and couldn't pick from bourbon or sand, so I bought both. As I'm overseas, I won't see them until August/September time, as a friend is bringing them out for me, but I can't wait. Make sure you post pics when yours arrive so we can all drool some more. Jillians are so gorgeous.
  13. YES YOU DO!! :graucho:;):p

    Please post some pics of ur new babies when u get the chance!
  14. I envy all the Jillian owners~!!
    Thanks to all of the TPFers' pics, I KNOW they are TDF!! :drool:

    The Jillian might actually be my next Kooba purchase! :graucho: