Kooba Ginger Or IF Bag?

  1. I am looking at this Ginger Kooba on the e-lux ad on this pages right side. Is it really that big? Or is it just because the model is 58 lbs? I am debating my next bag.

    Either A Kooba Ginger, Carla, or Nisha, or Mia (leaning toward the Mia but I love that Ginger bag now).

    Or another IF bag. There are so many to choose from and I love them all. These two bag types are my current Favs. I'm really into leather right now.

    Anybody have suggestions. I want a shoulder bag is all I know
  2. would be good if there were pictures...
  3. I personally like Carla. For some odd reason, the straps on Sarah reminds me of a thong. =P
  4. My vote is for the Ginger or Carla
  5. I like this one [​IMG]

  6. The Carla is my favorite, its beautiful!
  7. I hate Kooba bu that ginger does look nice!
  8. I think the Nisha looks alot like your Flashback.
  9. i like the ginger too, but personally that big is kind of to obig for me.
  10. i like the karla one..:amuse:
  11. I like the Ginger.
  12. I like the Nisha, Ginger and the Carla. But if I had to choose one, probably the Carla. :smile:
  13. Ginger :heart:3333
  14. Yes, I knew that Sarah bag had something that bothered me. The Thong Bag it should be called. Thanks...that one is out! LOL

    I know the Nisha is similar to the Flashback but it's a longer strap and no metallic glint. And the Ginger is darling but too similar to my Marcelle probably.

    And then I'd like another IF. I am leaning towards The embellished Beaded Nikki. What do you think of this bag?

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