Kimberly Steward Decided To Go Barefoot In Las Vegas

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  2. Eww..
  3. ewww, what's up with celebrities going out with no shoes?
  4. I can't even stand to go barefoot in my own house. Walking around Vegas barefoot?? That is just nasty. Her feet must be black on the bottom.:throwup:
  5. ewwww...why do these rich girls walk around every barefoot...its called shoes and they are great!!! These girls have soo much money to buy whatever shoes they you think they are just sick of buying things....

    no wait that can't be it, they must just be crazy!
  6. OMG so gross.
  7. That's so disgusting, surely with all that money she has she can afford at least one pair of shoes...
  8. why does this even happen? I've never walked around with no shoes on in my life. I don't get it.
  9. Not good for you heath. Especially in Vegas.
  10. Classy.
  11. yuck.
  12. That pavement has to be hot, and sticky, and dirty. :throwup:
  13. You dont understand how many girls do that out here!! Just drive down the strip and you are guaranteed to see atleast 10 girls walking BAREFOOT! YUCK! a purse large enough to carry flip flops goes a looong way.
  14. I find kimberly stewart to be sooo annoying:tdown:
  15. Oh, wait...she was IN flip flops and just went barefoot??
    Weird ass.