1. For those with children (or without children but have an opinion)....

    To watch a 5 month old....
    Would you prefer a daycare center(a really nice one) or a nanny in your home? Why?
  2. Nanny.....Im not a big fan of daycare centers..WHile I do beleive its important for kids to be around other kids..I think a nanny worked best for me.
  3. At that age, nanny all the way. I just don't see how one adult can meet the needs of multiple infants at once. Also, I would want to be the person doing all the hiring and screening, which obviously you can't in day care. And I would definitely have a nanny cam, maybe even one I could check in on remotely by computer!

    Having said that, I did visit some really nice, well-run daycares when I as pregnant and thought would go back to work, and I can see why some parents prefer that option. There is definitely more accountability built in, which can be reassuring. I would NEVER use a daycare in someone's home at that age, though. I've just read too many terrible stories of how badly that can go.
  4. At that young age - I would rather have a nanny for the 1 on 1 care. Live-in nannies are less expensive than live-out nannies... although I have never had one. Obviously go with a very reputable agency and do your research research research. You're leaving your most valuable possession (well, not really a possession, but you know what I mean...) in their care so you CANNOT be too careful.

    Good luck.
  5. I have the complete oposite opinion!, but it is good to see both sides. I just never ever feel completely sure of one person to trust with a baby, which lets face it, at 5 months is going to be hard work and could fray the temper of anybody that was not biologically attached.

    At a nursery, most of them are now monitored 24/7, the children have constant interaction with the other children and are stimulated and watched all of the time, but you are never fully relying on one person who could be having a bad day.

    I never used to think this until I had my children, but unless the nanny was recommended to me by somebody that I completely trusted I would say a day care centre is a safer option, as everybody that works there, is scrupulously checked out before the can get a job there :yes:

    The best thing to do, is go to some nurserys, and meet some nanny agencies and go with your heart, it will lead you to the right answer :heart:
  6. It really depends on the nanny. With daycares, at least you are guaranteed that you are getting a certified professional who knows the basics -- ie. infant CPR, trouble signs to watch for, etc.
  7. I would say a nanny. If your child gets sick you have a person that will be there to take care of him/her. If you bring your child to a day care they prefer you leave your child home so the baby doesn't infect the other children. Also, you have to look at it the other way around. Your baby can get sick more often b/c of people who can't afford to leave their children home. My son went to a babysitter that watched other children as well and he was sick ALL THE TIME.
  8. I think a nanny is better if you can find the perfect one. I was a nanny in the summer after college and loved it. To me most daycares have too many sick kids. I think there is a big potential for a young child catching so many things at a daycare. When my daughter was 3 we put her in daycare for 2 mornings a week and she was sick with strep throat the first week. So we took her out. When we lived in Florida my daughter went to preschool and they had a daycare there for infants and it was immaculate, the best I have ever seen anywhere. If a child was sick it went to the sick room and home, was not allowed to stay all day like they did in my daughter's first daycare. I have never seen a daycare program as good as the one in Florida but I am sure there may be some out there.
    I know it is hard trying to decide, with a nanny do you want a stranger in your house?
    Good luck.
  9. is a family member an option for you?
  10. At that age, a Nanny! Use a Nanny cam if you're nervous, but 5 mo olds are pretty sensitive to germs and RSV. . . I would personally wouldn't want to expose my babies to daycare centers that young if I had other options.
    I've had a Nanny {3 different ones} for the past 18 mos and I HIGHLY recommend finding one you love, we LOVE ours!
  11. A nanny....
  12. At that age I would use a nanny or if you're lucky enough to find a SAHM you trust with a small child that would be ideal. Many stay at home moms are home in "mommy mode" and would love to make a few extra bucks. You may have to drop off at their house though if they also have children.

    I think daycare aka preschool is great when the child is a little older (about 2 years old) and can truly benefit from the interaction with other children in a group setting.
  13. I guess I am old. I prefer neither. I would not trust either of them.
    I worked as a daycare teacher for about 1 year. I worked at Kindercare, Mulberry and some other private ones.
    If I were a parent of one of those kids, I would be upset with the care.
    The ratio is WAY to high. There are 8 kids per teacher. They range in age from infant to preschool. How could a teacher adapt to such a range with different needs?
    I remember on my interview day, I was walking around and there was a infant about 6 weeks old just lying on the ground! nobody was around her, she was just crying, no kids around. It was so SAD!!!!
    Also remember the ladies that work in these daycares are making about 6-10 dolllars per hour. For such a demanding job you are getting paid crap. So needless to say there is such a high turnover rate and the child is seeing different people each time. Not very stable.
    Also remember ALOT of kids means ALOT of illnesses and germs that are being spread around. Alot of the places I worked had ants and did not entirely sanitize the play area. To me it was gross.
    If I seriously HAD HAD HAD to choose, I would have a nanny with a nanny cam and having a neighbor drop by ALOT AND have the entire house bugged AND able to log onto my computer anytime and see/hear what is going on. Excessive? Yes, I know!
  14. Between daycare or nanny, I would definitely rather have a nanny at home.

    I do not have children, but many of my cousins and close family friends around my age (I will be turning 25 in less than two months) either have had relatives or close, trusted family friends watch their children. When I do have children, I plan on doing the same. I would rather have my child(ren) in the care of people that I've known and trusted for years.

    I don't know if it's a cultural thing (we're Asian), but many of us refuse to leave children in daycare or with people we do not know. We often live in multi-generation households... grandparents are almost always available and willing to watch the kids, free of charge. One of my best friends is currently living at her parents' house (while going through separation/possibly divorce), and her retired father is able to watch her son and another grandson during the day. One of my cousin's leaves his 1 year old at the home of a long-time family friend (who's son is married to a woman that is the sister of one of my dad's cousin-- confusing, but we're all somehow related), and they only charge him $300/month.

    I understand that not everyone has that option... when it comes to childcare, it is important to do some research. Ask around, do background checks, etc. Good luck to you!
  15. At that age, a nanny