Kelly Sellier Leathers

  1. Do you think Hermes will introduce new sellier leathers for the Kelly in the future? While there are options besides epsom available, they are very hard to come by. I love the look of sellier kelly over retourne but I dislike epsom leather. I would love to add a Kelly to my collection but I feel like my only options are so limited.
  2. i saw a black Kelly sellier in sombrero the other day, in brushed ghw. I cant stop thinking about it, it was so awesome!!!
  3. With Barenia, Box, and Sombrero in production for sellier K as well as Epsom, it seems unlikely there will be another leather offering. If chèvre in larger skins were easier to come by it might be in production, but seems like that will remain restricted to Mini Kelly and SO. If sellier were more popular maybe they'd start doing it in Togo outside SO, or in Tadelakt....but for now it doesn't seem there's enough demand.
    I'm with you on disliking Epsom, that's why all my SOs are sellier Ks. I now have too many and wish I had another retourné instead :P
  4. I would love to be able to SO a Chèvre Kelly but alas where I live it is hard enough to be offered a Kelly, never mind be offered SO. I have been looking for Chèvre on the resale market in K25 and K28 but have not found many either. I think I need to resign myself to retourne Kelly.
  5. Box is a really wonderful option IMO - keeps the sharp sellier shape and very findable at resale.
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  6. I just purchased a sellier Kelly in Butler leather but I had not heard of Kelly's coming in that leather before I was offered. It is a 25 so perhaps they are generally made in smaller sizes in Butler.
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  7. Congrats! Do you have a pic? Let us know what you think of this leather

    To OP, you have been given great suggestions, and like QF mentioned if you like box you can find reasonably priced ones in the reseller market. GL!
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  8. Sellier Kellys in Togo and Box.

    TogoSellierK32.jpg KELLYREDsml.jpg
  9. Thanks ladies your suggestions are much appreciated. I love your Kelly's QuelleFormage, the Togo looks better than I imagined and well the Rouge box is what H dreams are made of!
  10. Thanks for sharing these beauties! Question for you since you said you own several sellier Kellys in different leathers. What's your favorite leather for this style? I know I don't want epsom but I really don't know if I'm a fan of chèvre either. I love the thought of a Togo sellier and yours looks lovely. Are you pleased with yours? Any info would be great. Thank you!
  11. Thank you!! I should receive the bag tomorrow and will be sure to post a picture and share how the leather holds up!
  12. Hi hoot,

    I'd say Togo, chèvre, and box all have their own appeal for me. Togo and chèvre don't scratch like box does, but box has the classic look.
    I have heard that chèvre sellier doesn't age well but haven't had the chance to find out as yet. I've ordered another (K25) so I am hoping that's inaccurate. I will say that the chèvre looks more likely to soften than the Togo.
    So, all three of these leathers I love for sellier. Togo is very likely the most practical. Mine is a 32 and probably a little big for me, so I am likely to order another Togo sellier in 28 next SO round :flowers:

    For me, on the other leathers, Sombrero is lovely but even more delicate IMO than box. I prefer Barenia in a non-rigide bag, but obviously anything Barenia is stunning. I too am uninterested in Epsom :smile:
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  13. I love VN for K Sellier. It is a very stiff leather and quite beautiful. I bought mine pre-loved and couldn't be happier. True classic in my opinion.
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  14. :heart: Thank you so much for taking the time to give me your input! It's helped me tremendously. I love box as well but now feel more confident Togo will be best for my lifestyle if I'm lucky enough to place a SO.
  15. Happy to help :smile: When I ordered the Togo I expected it to be a little softer than most selliers - not like a sellier mou, but the non-mou selliers I had seen photos of look just a little relaxed. I don't see that happening with this bag! My bag is clearly really well made with the sellier reinforcement lining, so it is nice and crisp.
    What size will you order do you think?
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