Kelly Pochette vs B/K 25

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  1. #1 Apr 27, 2019
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
    Hi all,

    I am quite new to Hermes but has built some purchase history at my home store and my SA told me she would be able to offer me a Kelly Pochette.

    My consideration is just I will not be using it often enough. I imagine that I would only use it to evening parties or formal dinner.. whereas a B/K25 can be used daily. should I pass on the KP and wait for a K25/B25 instead? However, she mentioned that I will need to purchase quite a bit more before she can offer me a B/K in size 25.

    Do you think I should just grab the KP as it is being offered now (I heard KP is actually harder to get than B/K 25 - although I am not sure how true this is) and try to get a B/K during my upcoming travel to Paris? How is the possibility of scoring a B/K25 vs a KP in Paris?
  2. I have several pouchettes and use it often. It fits a lot and is def day or evening. The upside of the pouchette if you get it now is that unless it is an skin it is not a quota bag. You could get this now and then a k/b25 later this semester.
  3. What color is the KP?
  4. Do you have a B/K25 yet? Do you use clutch often? Do you like super tiny handheld only bag? I would go for B/K 25 (handbag) first and then KP (clutch) unless you have both in mind and have no issue getting a B/K 25 immediately after or within the same semester (or via Paris like you planned). I wouldn’t buy anything just because it’s harder to get (Unless I am a collector or reseller which I am not).

    Here is the Paris thread so you can ask questions there...

    Good luck deciding.
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  5. I wouldn’t get it just because it is hard to get. The KP needs to fit your lifestyle. I am very OCD and I will have anxiety putting down a bag without feet.
  6. I feel like one can use a pochette day and night, in a variety of ways. Although I would really love to get one, and that is part of my rationalization!!
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  7. Unfortunately according to my SA the KP is considered as a quota bag so if I takethe KP, I will need to buy other non bag items of the amount of the B/K. Is that how it is? We need to buy a ratio of 1:1 to get offered a B/K every time? Or is it because I live in a country where it is notoriously hard to get offered one?

    Would I be able to buy without having to purchase 1:1 ratio on other parts of the world?
  8. She said she currently have seasonal color which I immediately said no too. I only want Black or something light and neutral like Craie or Trench.
    She said they don't have at the moment but would contact me once she has it.
  9. You do live in a country where everything H is notoriously hard to get. Trust me. I used to live and shop there. So consider it carefully. A 25 anything is very, very sought after and fought after.
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  10. I will not buy something just because it is hard to get when it comes to purses. It has to fit my lifestyle and I have to be able to use it. If a B/K 25 is what you really like, then purchasing it should make your heart sing.
  11. I think KP in bright color will be a great addition to any collection. If you want black, go for K25 or B25.
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  12. I suggest you look at what you put in your opening post and try to be objective.

    As I read it you have been tempted by a KP of unknown colour or leather.

    This is not a style that you really want.
    Your SA is letting you know that your spending has entitled you to be considered for a modest bag in the range.
    Possibly your SA knows that you really wish for a handbag rather than a clutch.

    You SA is levering you to spend more.

    Be careful with these tactics and don't let yourself become an easy target.
    Find out how much more you need to spend and don't be satisfied with a vague answer - don't let yourself be played for a fool.
    We all know this game without rules - it depends where you live.
    In some countries the SAs seem to be more direct in what they will tell you.

    With regard to the KP: take heed of the general advice not to buy something you do not really want or just because of its rarity.
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  13. I've been strictly a B kind of girl, but a KP or mini Kelly in a black exotic skin like croc sounds dreamy. Maybe someday!
  14. Another KP fan here. I have one and if it were possible to find another, it would be hard to resist. I use mine as a casual day clutch going for coffee or brunch and evening for cocktail drinks. It fits all the essentials, unlike the mini Kelly which is more decorative. Don’t have the b25 to compare but perhaps someone here does and would post photos for reference
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  15. I think a KP can be used as a daily bag. But wait for what you want.

    The day my store wanted me to spend 1:1 for any bag, is the day I become acquainted with a good reseller. I don't think bags are going for twice retail in the resale market, are they?
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