Kelly KP swift or Kelly KP croco or Kelly Longe?

  1. I saw 4 Kelly KP today in HK Hermes:

    orange swift with GHW (USD3240)
    green swift with Palladium
    black swift with Paladium
    brown shiny crocodile (USD9000)

    I am very eager to get the crocodile, but it's almost 3x the price of the swift. Do you know if the croco KP Kelly is hard to come by?

    I am also thinking of he Kelly Longe (longer version of Kelly KP), but it is not available in HK yet, I may ask my sis to get it for me in Europe next Feb.

    I haven't seen the Kelly Longe in person, do you know if it can hold more than the Kelly KP?

    Which one do you prefer?

    My DH said he will sponsor me 1/3 to get the croco, or he pays full amount, but I have to sell it after using it for a year :sad:

    The shiny croco is awesome, but I think black swift can be used more often.

    Sorry to be shouting. Seriously, you must not let this run away!!!
  3. Croco anything is hard to come by as far as hermes is concerned (and prices keep going up!)... listen to Mssparkes aka Miss kelly Pochette:rolleyes:
  4. (1) Yes, very
    (2) Yes, it is bigger
    (3) I love both. I'm reasonably tall (5'7"), so I prefer the Longue, BUT I wouldn't pass up the croc.

    Let us know what you decide.
  5. archangel! :love::blush:
  6. yes yes yes go for the croc!!!!
  7. Get the Croc KP!!! But if you will have to sell it after one year, (which you won't be using very much, unless you have loads of engagements or whatsoever) then I recommend that you get either of the other 2.

    Of course, you can just get the croc which is oh-so-hard to come by - LISTEN TO MRSS!!! and NOT sell it after a year!!!!
  8. Will let you guys know which one I will get, or will I get it this weekend.

    I can keep the croco bag myself...but have to pay by myself. I just turned to full time housewife, and get annual salary from my husband. I regret a bit quitting my job so soon, or else I would not have hesitated to get the croco KP today!
  9. Yes get croco I terms of use you will find places to take it. I passed on a JPG Kelly in Bev Hills and have regret it since.It is not a good feeling.Good luck!
  10. croc by all means! you never know what will happen after a year. DH may soften up after all.
  11. I say if you like it, definetly get the croc one, it's very hard to come by, but only if you really like it, don't let yourself be influenced by rarity to buy something you're not sure about
  12. Oh MY!!! Get the croc!!!! If you love it, that is! Otherwise, the swift is lovely and you can keep it forever.

    You will have to work on DH, though, if you choose the croc. Because I think you will not want to sell it after a year...

    perhaps an advance on the many years of motherhood ahead? The worrying, the sleepless nights, the toll on your body, the grey hairs????
  13. I will definitely take the croc if it is offered to me now!
  14. Here is my new nilo croco KP! I have saved USD100 because my sister's credit card has 1% rebate!

    IMG_1944.JPG IMG_1945.JPG
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