Kelly Cut vs. Kelly Pochette

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Cut or Pochette?

  1. Kelly Cut

  2. Kelly Pochette

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  1. Hi Ladies! I'm torn between getting a Kelly Cut or a Kelly Pochette. They both seem pretty functional, so am having a hard time deciding which to get since my funds only allow one purchase. Which would you ladies prefer? Thanks! :smile:
  2. Prefer and own a KP. Don't like flat clutches. Prefer more volume in a clutch so I am not restricted to carrying flat objects to fit into a clutch. The kp fits quite a bit.
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  3. Kelly pochettes coz it's much cuter.
  4. It's a hard choice as I love both. I think it depends on your needs. If you really care about what you'll be able to carry in the bag, then choose a KP. A KP definitely fits more and it's easier getting things in and out of it. You can't really fit all that much in a KC. I have both and use both equally. It just depends on what I'm wearing.
  5. I vote for KP..
  6. My vote is for the KC because it looks more elegant/dramatic. But, like others have said, it isn't as functional to toss things in.
  7. i prefer the KP more because i think it looks nicer, holds more and has a "balanced" feel when i'm carrying it on the strap. it has a more classic look too in my opinion.. obviously closer in shape and form to the kelly bag while the KC is elongated and stretched, more modern and updated.

    with the KP, i feel it tips a bit forward and backward when i'm carrying it on the i making sense in my description? :thinking:

    word of warning though, i don't know about other people's KP, my strap has gone soft. it could be because it's swift.. if that will bother you in the future then you might consider that as a negative factor. my KP's strap is still solid and stiff.. could be because i've carried it a few times and the leather is tadelakt.

    either one, i think they're both great clutches and i'm sure you will choose wisely... good luck! :rolleyes:
  8. Ummm... KC for the looks and KP for functionality. :biggrin:
    Personally, I really like the look of KC. Beautiful things are usually not really practical in real life. So voting for KC. :smile:
  9. Voted for the KP but have neither piece. I would imagine the KP holds more because it is deeper, meaning front to back. If I'm not mistaken (and I could be) the KP has feet upon which to sit, another important feature for me when I put things down.
  10. KP fits more and the general esthetic is more of a small kelly that a flat clutch with a kelly closure. im also looking into a KP in alligator and im sooo not sure what to so the thread helps out a lot.
  11. Vote for KC
  12. A KP is an a good start if you have yet to own one. My preference for now is the Kelly Cut. I don't need to carry many things if I need to go for an event.
  13. I have both, but more of the KC than KP. I must admit though that I think the KP more useful on an everyday basis. I tend to use them more for events however.
  14. I would prefer the Kelly Pochette
  15. Aesthetically, definitely the kelly cut..Unless you are tiny, the KP looks a little too precious when being held by the handle by grown women..looks too small. Now if you actually plan to hold it like a clutch , holding the body of the KP in your hand rather than holding by the handle, then looks more balanced.