Kelly Cut vs. Kelly Pochette

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Cut or Pochette?

  1. Kelly Cut

  2. Kelly Pochette

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Wow, really? That's a lot of stuff. I would be carrying keys, iphone, lip gloss, card case, and a change purse.
  2. Wow, yes, this does help. Thanks hermesdaisuki! Now I wish I can have both of them even more!!! LOL!!!
  3. Yes, it's very modern and clean looking. That's why I was considering the KC.
  4. Thanks Peasant! I was aiming to use it as an evening bag more so than a day bag.
  5. Totally cute! And since I don't own a Kelly, it would be close to what I want as well....
  6. Yeah, I can see maneuvering the straps on the KP a lot simpler than the straps on the KC, since the KC has such long straps...
  7. Absolutely and you can have in a super bright to make even more fun!:graucho:
  8. It would be nice to have option to put enough things in a bag to get you through the night without making the evening bag look bulky. What's usually in your KP?
  9. Oooohhh...i like the little feet...
  10. Thank you all for your wonderful input! They are all very valid points. Are they easy to obtain? If not, maybe I'll let the H gods decide my fate. So whichever one comes my way, will be the one I will go with....
  11. Arrgg! More decisions! After deciding which one to get, then to decide which of the wonderful colors to get it in...:faint:
  12. now that i see Hermesdaisuki's KC and KP, I think we all need both !
  13. darling just wanted to tell you since im also looking into this i looked at older 08 09 runway shows and have decided im going to get the pochette it looks very versatile and i think i can wear it with jeans as much as i can wear it with more formal outfits i suggets you take a look at it especially ss08 because you sort of get the idea of how the bag can be worn hope it helps darling.
  14. Hi
    can anyone help me with the price of the kelly cut in nilo croc ? thanks
  15. Sorry my dear birkinette, i don't remember the exact amount. I somehow recall it was in the neighborhood of 17k USD before tax...