**kavnadoo's Collection**

  1. **kavnadoo's Collection**

    Here are pictures of my bags and accessories. :smile: Hopefully my collection won't stay this small for too long. :graucho: I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed looking at your collections.
  2. there's no photos{?}
  3. can't see either...
  4. Here are the pictures. :smile:

    For starters, my very small Fendi collection. Fendi is my favourite and I will definitely be adding more bags to this. If I could only have 1 bag in the whole wide world it would be the spy bag... :tender:


    My favourite bag in my collection at the moment is my blueberry spy (surprise surprise). Here she is with the matching heels. I love how she changes colour in the light...

    Fendi Blueberry Spy.jpg Fendi Blueberry Heels.jpg Fendi Blueberry Heels_1.JPG Fendi Blueberry Heels_2.JPG
  5. Here is my limited edition magic bag. She's the smallest size and though she isn't the most practical (I can't put much in her) she is just the most adorable bag.

    Fendi Magic Bag_1.JPG Fendi Magic Bag_2.jpg Fendi Magic Bag_3.jpg
  6. Here are the rest of my Fendi's. I have a yellow zucca which I bought ages ago. One of those, "What was I thinking??!" bags. It's a lovely colour but I rarely use it. I also have a pair of pink slides, another impulse buy cos I don't like slides, and lastly my black boots.

    Hopefully I can add a whole rainbow of spies to my collection... one day... :graucho:
    Fendi Zucca.jpg Fendi Zucca_1.jpg Fendi Slides.jpg Fendi Boots.jpg Fendi Boots_1.jpg
  7. I have 1 Yves Saint Laurent bag and this was my first designer bag which I picked out myself and mum bought for me for Christmas. It's very simple, but very practical.

    Christian Dior is a label I love and if there was a boutique in my state I would definitely be buying more of it. I only have 1 Dior bag and it is nothing special, just the saddle pouch. Same applies to Fendi, no boutiques. But I make up for the lack of Fendi and Dior my filling the void in my heart with Gucci. :p
    Yves Saint Laurent.jpg Christian Dior Saddle Pouch.jpg
  8. Onto my Gucci collection...

    I'm not crazy as about Gucci as I am with Fendi, but cos as I mentioned that my favourite labels aren't here, I tend to spend my money on other things. Here is a photo of all my Gucci's so far.


    Here is a close up of my Gucci accessories.

    Gucci Accessories_1.JPG Gucci Accessories_2.JPG
  9. Here is my diamond scarf which I like to wear in my hair. I will probably wear it on one of my bags sooner or later.
    Gucci Scarf_1.JPG Gucci Scarf_2.JPG Gucci Scarf_3.JPG Gucci Scarf_4.JPG
  10. My Abbeys.

    Gucci Abbeys_1.jpg Gucci Abbey Script.jpg
  11. My Bamboo Gucci is my favourite bag out of all my Gucci's. I remember when I bought it a friend asked why I bothered paying so much for a bag when it didn't even have the brand splashed out all over it, like the Gucci or Louis Vuitton monogram. I just love the style and I don't care if anyone knows what it is. I'm sure many of you ladies buy these bags not for the brand but because they are beautiful, well made and unique.


    I've also included some close ups of the flora canvas. I just love the detail. And this is the ONLY time when I haven't minded bugs. ;)
    Gucci Wallet and Keyring.jpg Gucci Wallet and Keyring_1.JPG Gucci Flora Print_1.JPG Gucci Flora Print_2.JPG Gucci Flora Print_3.JPG
  12. Here are my Gucci hobo's. I'm not crazy about these. I prefer cream leather and only got the larger one as it was at a great price. It is very good for casual wear though and I can just chuck everything into it and swing it over my shoulder.
    Gucci Hobos.jpg Gucci Hobo.jpg Gucci Studded Hobo.jpg
  13. Chanel is another section I will definitely have to do some expanding on in the future.


    I only have 1 bag and it is the classic jumbo flap in black caviar. It is so classic. I love Chanel! :heart:


    And I've also attached some close ups of my sunglasses.
    Chanel Jumbo Caviar Flap_1.JPG Chanel Sunglasses.JPG Chanel Sunglasses_1.JPG
  14. (Rumour has it that a Hermes Birkin might be joining the party soon... :nuts:)
  15. Nice collection! That Fendi spy bag grows on me everytime I see one. I I love your Chanel sunnies...I have a pair that are similar.