KARO owners??

  1. Hello everybody... Ok I'm looking more and more into Hermes and I am loving it more and more, I am also scared, cause I don't need another obsesion! (I love LV aswell) LOL.
    I wonder if somebody owns a Karo GM or Pm here ?? any tought?? what can this actually be used for?? what do you use yours for?? Thanks in Advance
    Antonio :flowers:
  2. I have a Karo PM... LOVE IT!! I use mine for make up, tissues etc.
  3. I have both and use both in my bags. The PM is for tissues, kid's candy/gum, Tide anti-stain pen etc and the GM for makeup (must carry too much). Love 'em. I also have a Be-bop but find the Karo much more usable.
  4. ^^ tnx girls !!!
    How big is the Gm?? does anyone know retail??
  5. Can you get to Paris by Saturday? They have some in the sale, don't know the price, sorry, but could be up to 70% off retail. They may have all gone by now of course. I remember seeing blue ones (blue jean) and I think some red and yellow colours too.
  6. TNX for the advice!! ^^ I couldn't really get to Paris just for the hermes sale hehe altough I would love it hehe...
    I love blue jean!!!! I have to get something in blue jean
  7. oh man i would love one from the sale! darn non-parisian living!

    i have a gm and i adore it. i keep it in my bag and keep misc items in there- reciepts, my key card for my office, lip gloss, etc...
  8. Yellow as in epsom leather? or? *gulp*:crybaby:

  9. love the karo gm. have brighton blue and orange. one for makeup and the other for misc stuff. keeps me organized- i don't like loose stuff in my bag.
    also love the clarisse
  10. the blue ones at the sale were thalassa, not bj ;) all the ones i saw anyway! i almost bought one so i inspected it pretty closely and checked the tag inside.. or did they have different blues on wednesday?
  11. Karo's:nuts: did you say Karo's.

    I love Karo's:yes::yes:
    Antonio- you can use them for just about anything you wish.

    They are like M&M's you cant have just one!!
    Karo Collection.jpg
  12. love my rose shocking karo pm. use it for makeup and knick knacks. keeps things from getting lost. i love how easy it is to get in and out with the snaps. i'm thinking about getting another one since i heard from someone on the forum that h might be discontinuing. ooooh, i'd love thalassa blue!!! wish i could be in paris right now!!!
  13. ^^^OOOOH I love rose shocking...

    I have a raisin Karo and she can be used for everything under the sun. Storing phone, cards, glosses, etc...and for convenience she can be taken out of my bag and used as a clutch if I need!
    pose1.JPG karofull.JPG karo pose.JPG
  14. RBB ~ Do You Read That??????:yahoo:

    ETA: Thanks AAN ~ IOh! Would I love To Be There Right Now ~ We Would Have A Blast!!!!!!
  15. i have the GM and i use mine for my makeup stuff.