Karo Owners: please tell me if this is normal or not...

  1. I just got a Karo PM and upon close examination I notice the edge of the flaps are all somewhat cracked... I realized this might happen because the flap is relatively thick (but then I look on my wallets & other small chevre accessories and they don't seem to have that problem). Please take a look at the photos (photo 2 with red arrows trying to indicate where the cracks are (they are even & throughout entire length of flap). Sorry if the photos are not very clear!

    Please let me know if this is normal or not (before I run into the store asking about it)! thanks so much!:heart:

    karo2.jpg karo3.jpg
  2. I have noticed this same thing with all of my goat skin items^I really don't know what to think about it.
  3. Y, it's kind of difficult to see the cracks from the pictures, but I just checked mine and don't notice anything too unusual.
  4. Take it back if you are not happy, but I think a karo is going to get "used" a little faster anyway because it will be in your bag bumping around with everything else.
  5. I just looked at my Karo's and none of them have what you have pictured. They all have nice smooth edges. Yorelica can you exchange that for another?
  6. Thanks so much for your response girls!!!!

    Actually this is the last one my store has (and a GM in purple) but its not what I wanted...
    Which is why I was hoping this might be normal with all the Karos (but if its not I def. should exchange it)!!!
    Oh its a little disappointing....
  7. Yorelica- have 2 gm karos and don't notice any cracking. they are pretty new but so far fine. your karo is a beautiful color sorry for the disappointment.
  8. It looks like the grain is coming out. Take it back and see if they could add more resin to the edges. Keep in mind, once the Karo is used, the flexibility in the leather may cause the edges to crack again. I've had this happen with my softer leather items.
  9. annie: thank-you!

    HG: woohoo the H bible is here! It's not been used at all yet, I just got it from the store on the weekend...so I guess I should bring it back? And if I want to fix it up its going to take months! sniff sniff...
  10. ^^^But it will come back eventually.
  11. Ah yes, of course. Anything used...can't complain the same way. :p