Karen Kooper question....

  1. Why are sold out items still listed on her site. Does it mean, look what you missed out on? or does it mean it could be available again some day?

    I would hope it is the latter, but please enlighten me.:shrugs:
  2. if you email her.. she will try to find it for you.. but basically, it says "look what you missed"
  3. Yeah, I've noticed this too. It seems like most of the items I click on are marked as "sold out." So now I just click on New Arrivals. No idea why they're all listed on there even though they're unavailable...kind of annoying, actually, especially when you see the picture, think it's available, get all excited, only to click and find out it's not actually available.
  4. The stuff is always fun to look at, plus you can e-mail her and say I saw _____, if you get another please e-mail me.
  5. I like the fact that she leaves sold items up... If I want to see detailed pics of a certain item that's sold out, I just log onto her site and check out all of the pics! :nuts:
  6. Me too!
  7. I find it frustrating that her long gone items still show up!:crybaby:
  8. She does post great pictures and I looovvveee viewing them. But then it just makes me want the item more and get really annoyed.

    I will e-mail her regarding a couple of items. Thank you for the suggestion!!!!
  9. Personally, I find it frustrating to click on the item to later find out it is sold as most of her item is.
  10. yeah that annoys me too. i get all ecited then i see the cross out and im like...of coarse lol.

    p.s. poshinstyle is that your little french bulldog in your avatar pic???? soo cute!
  11. I agree! Sometimes you can't find a picture of a specific piece and she has a lot of the harder to find ones..they're great for reference!
  12. I totally agree, this webiste is great for reference. When I see something on eBay that I like I always compare the pics.

    Also you can inquire on a sold out item.
  13. Maybe it would be more useful for her to have a section of "completed transactions" because it is really ANNOYING to page through the pictures that are sold out.
  14. I agree... That's how Let-Trade has his page. :yes:
  15. Though an item may be sold out, Karen does her BEST to accomodate every request for that posted item... Just shoot her an email, and she will respond with or offer an alternative...

    Just a note....