Just wondering ... do any of you ...

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  1. A bit of a strange question but I'm going to ask anyway.

    Any of you ladies here have multiple bags that are identical in color, leather, size, but different in hardwares? How about multiple bags that are completely identical in every way?

    I was re-tallying my wishlist and decided that instead of really trying to get all 50-some bags (I was actually serious too), maybe I should just stick with the 6 or 7 on the top list and maybe get a backup for 3 of the 7 bags ...

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who wants to do this ... Surely someone here has multiple identical bags? *hopeful* And uhm ... I have been told by one of the resellers that she has clients who will get 3 identical bags and leave each of them at a different place of residence - this is something that I'm thinking of doing in the future
  2. Kou... you really are crazy about bags!! :lol:
    I wouldn't personally own the same bag or only slightly different bags, but I guess it could be a question of budget.
    I think there are so many different bags on the market that I couldn't possibly reach the point where I would prefer buying a twin rather than a new, different one.
    What are your 6-7 top of the wishlist at the moment?
  3. ^^three different birkins at different residences?

    i have h bags in identical colors but the hardware, size 'n' leather r all different. i won't get bags identical in every way.
  4. Assuming money was no object, I dont think its unreasonable to have backups or multiples, particularly if you have two residences or travel a lot. I personally dont have any "mutiples" but f I had the opportunity, I would love to have a backup of a favorite bag, especially the more basic black but hard to get items. More likely, though, if I were going to do this, I would try to buy different leathers, eg one in togo and one in fjord, or something like that - but to answer your question, no I dont think its out of the question to get two identical, and have actually thought about this myself.
  5. kou, yes! Meaning....I totally understand!

    Ever since I was very small, I have wanted at least two of everything! One to keep nice and one to play with. Eventually, the nice one would get played with too, but I always hated the initial scratch, or mark or signs of use as a child. Goodness, can't be that way with Hermes as it's leather and will mark.

    I have multiple black bags....but they are different styles. And the idea of having H pieces at multiple residences is very smart! We have pieces of our wardrobe at different homes, why not Hermes?
  6. Won't the bags get dusty? My DH own a few houses in other countries beside HK but we never leave behind any clothes. We can't be at every residence all the time and we won't let our housekeepers to touch our things in the wardrobe. I don't find the dustbag that effective + i'm afraid the housekeepers may use my bag without my knowledge.
  7. Gosh, I could have written this! I am exactly the same (from a very young age, one to play with and one to keep 'nice')!!!! My only saving grace is the fact that I only buy black bags, the variation in leathers is proving challenging enough!
  8. ^^^Yes, I noticed that about you. You'll end up like me.............a huge collection of black bags. What's worse, most of mine are box. My SA makes a point of showing me anything in Barenia, box, and croc.

    So, as it stands, I have a bunch of bags in black box with gold hardware. But, at least, they're all different sizes.
  9. Kou - just tried to PM you. But your box is full (so, what happened?).

    Re: your question, if money is no object, it would be nice to have back-ups. I have a few black H bags, but all are different. And at these prices... for me, a little TLC will just have to suffice for the ones I have. ;)
  10. i have a friend (who obviously has no issues with money) that buys the same bags with diff. color hardwares (white bags with GH and PH). she also buys the same color bags but different leathers (ex. vert anis in ostrich, lizard, togo etc.). must be nice......she matches it with her jewelry too!
  11. LOL!!!!! I was just thinking of doing a family pic but then it would just be one big black BLUR!

    The bulk of my bag collection (such as it is) is black box but each one is a different style or has different hardware. I like to have a choice, KWIM? They each serve a different purpose.

    Here's the thing though......even though I have a 28cm Croc Kelly and a Kelly Elan clutch, I'd buy a Croc JPG Kelly Clutch in a heartbeat even though the other two bags could fill in for the Clutch. I don't know if that makes sense but in my old brain it does.....LOL!!!!!
  12. :yes: :yes: :yes: i'm still so freaking amazed at her massive collection.
  13. LOL...I do this with denim, ts, cashmere sweaters, blouses, shoes, etc...one in rotation...one (or more) "back ups"... It is not unlikely that I will have two black birkins w/ gold hardware at some point...currently have four black H bags...but all different styles...

  14. I love all ur *blinging* friends collections!!!! INCLUDING URS!!!!:drool: :drool: :drool: CAN I BE UR FRIEND TOO??? LOL:p but wait, I don't have a enuf bags!:shame:
  15. ^^^^You will..........