Just wanted to share my marine

  1. Hi!

    I was overjoyed to receive my Marine weekender last weekend and have been using it non stop ever since!

    Just wanted to share this with everyone here cuz i know you all will definitely understand!:yahoo:

  2. omg it's GORGEOUS!!!

    And i LOVE the color combo of your collection.

  3. OMG the color is TDF!!!! ITs beautiful:tup:congratulations.....BTW I loves your collection, I want a lavender Bbag sooooooooooooo bad
  4. Wow, it's beautiful! I love ALL of your bags! What a great collection.
  5. I am so envious, BEAUTIFUL weekender! Love all your collection, too! Congrats : )
  6. Congrat! :tup:

    It is gorgeous..love the lilac as well :drool:
  7. Great collection!! Congrats!
  8. wow my marine city is one of my favourite bags and seeing it in the weekender style just blows me away! wowser - congrats!
  9. Fantastic collection!
  10. congrats! The marine is such a deep colour its gorgeous! Love your collection! xx
  11. :yahoo:Congratulations:yahoo:

    I LOVE your marine weekender. Your collection is lovely

  12. Thanks everyone! I can't wait for Violet and Marigold to arrive now! Also, still thinking about the magenta as i dont know if i can afford 5 bags a year!!!!
  13. oh my god! the marine is so beautiful!! Congrats!!
  14. Congrats on your Marine. :yahoo:Don't you love the Lilac? Marine and Lilac go so well together. :tup:We are Lilac twin sisters.:wlae:
    IMG_2485 (2).JPG
  15. Wow!! Congrats!! It is absolutely GORGEOUS!! :drool: :drool: :drool: