Just one...only one!

  1. You can only choose one member...one person that you have yet to meet...one person you find interesting...one person that peaks your curiosity level...one person for whatever reason...JUST ONE! (no exceptions...LOL):okay:

    If you could meet one person from the boards...who would you choose and why?:nuts:
  2. Well, Muffin, obviously.
  3. allaboutbags!!! she has my dream croc bag and i want to snatch it from her!! :woohoo:
  4. ooh, fun question :smile: well, i've met shopmom, so i can't use her.

    honestly, it would be a toss-up between rose and you, KB....you both seem like such sweet and wonderful people that i just have a feeling it would be a joy to meet either of you.

    though....something tells me i could definitely have fun over drinks with cobaltblu, dressage queen, or quinn's mom, too! or....hmm....if i choose perja, does that mean i get to go to paris to meet her?? or.....

    okay, this game is too hard.....
  5. What a great question! I've been very fortunate to have met probably 30 or so Hermes tPF'ers. But, I would love to meet MrsSparkles!! You can tell by reading her posts that she is a warm and lovely lady with a fun sense of humor. :heart:
  6. THat is so tough! I want to meet so many of you!!!!

    If I have to name one person though it would be Kellybag! SO GET YOUR BUTT TO NYC!
  7. I would like to meet:

    < MRSSPARKLES > :nuts:

    (Well...i would LOVE to meet ALL OF YOU)
  8. Totally agree with jag:yes:

    I like to meet lots of you...but for my very first, I would luv to meet Rose:heart:
  9. Would love to meet all of you!

    But have to name only one :push:

    Rose....for a 1-to-1 in "how to tie your scarf" and "how to be gracious and elegant every day" :yes:
  10. I've met a lot of people already that I love so much. Hmmmm.

    Of those I haven't met, probably Wongnumber since she fathered my baby and Perja since she promised to spoon with me.:wlae:
  11. since Rose has been taken :smile:

    I have to do 3...good things come in 3s.

    -Hermesgroupie...my educator

    -Peanutbabycakes--because she is cute as a button

    -Lan Van...so we can travel and be fabulous

    okay shoot me I have 4

    and I want to meet Japster....Power Mom, Power Style, impressive pics and I love seeing a pregnant lady looking smokin' hot.
  12. I am pouting KB! I want to be able to name so many more, one is just not enough! Seriously, i love everyone here for so many reasons and I would just love the opportunity to meet you all!
  13. I can't pick one...I would say I would love to meet as many as possible because we all share a true love of bags and things and it's just a special group! I love learning new things about each and every one!! I know I would have fun with so many of you!
  14. Heh! You have to travel quite a bit, PBC and I can run VERY FAST - yes, even carrying my bags!!! :graucho:
  15. Here, here Shoes! I am so with you on that!