Just got back from LV in San Francisco

  1. Some of you may remember that my awesome BF gave me a shopping spree at Louis Vuitton for Christmas. Well today was the day that I went to look around and purchase.

    Priscilla, my SA, was extremely nice and showed me a TON of things from the beautiful Keepalls and Carryalls to a couple of fantastic pieces of clothing.

    I thought I was going to go nuts in the store and walk out with a tractor trailor of items but I didn't. A strange sense of calm came over me and I really looked at what I wanted versus what I needed. And while alot of the items were beautiful and I drooled over them, I ended up getting two things:

    -Monogram Wallet - Six Card Holder
    -Monogram Cles




    I love both of them and I love my BF more because he wanted me to enjoy myself. When I got back to the apartment, I think he was more excited than me to see what I got -- strangely he was disappointed that I didn't buy more. However, I am also bidding on two pieces of Epi (Sac Plat and a Keepall) on eBay, which if I win, my BF said he would pay for....so I think it all evens out.

    In any case, thank you guys and gals for your feedback and feeding my new addiction!
  2. wow! great stuff but i thought you would have gotten more. how sweet of you NOT to go crazy! enjoy it- and your wonderful boyfriend!

    hope you win the epi stuff!
  3. congrats!!!! love the mono cles!
  4. So thoughtful of your bf! Congrats on all your purchases!
  5. Thanks but I figured why go crazy when I know that I can always go back and get more -- besides we are going to Hong Kong in March and I can get some LV there too. I think it willbe a bit cheaper and more special since this will be the first vacation we will have taken together in 3 yrs.
  6. wow congratzzz.... hope you win the epi bags
  7. aw. you're so sweet. i would be the same way. i hope you have a wonderful vacation!
  8. Congrats and great staples for your LV collection. Smart thinking...:yes:
  9. Nice BF you have ... very sweet of you not to go crazy at the store. Although my DH has not extended the same great offer to me, I know I would be like you, just focus on what I need and not go overboard. I don't think my DH will ever offer me that though coz I don't know that he trusts me enough not to go crazy!;)
  10. What!? No tractor trailer of items!? LOL well congrats on what you did get, the cles is such a useful little item!
  11. Congrats on your new items! And you're very sweet...I, too, would be a little cautious about going on a shopping spree, even if I was prodded...enjoy your new treasures!
  12. after i read ur thread i thought about what would happen if my bf gave me the same present...i won't go overboard too!!!! enjoy ur stay in HK ..!! i miss that place soooo much!!! maybe i'll see u if i go bck in march too!!

    enjoy ur monogram goodies!!!
  13. Man, I NEVER had a bf who bought me lv! I had to wait for my dh to buy me a purse, and even then, we were together six years before he dropped money!

    All the good ones ARE gay, dammit! :crybaby:
  14. If it makes you feel better Snorks, me and my bf have been together for 7 years. We met when he was a broke grad student and I have been with him through med school, residency and now his first real job. Besides you have a wonderful husband I am sure....you get the tax benefits of marriage, I get an LV shopping trip -- sounds fair to me ;)
  15. O:huh:oh... good job on not going overboard-- I don't know if I would have been able to control myself!

    The cles is the most perfect and useful item!