Juicy Charms, the addiction continues!

  1. They best hurry, because the patriotic heart charm & hula girl and definitely summer-themed!
  2. LOL, didn't realize it was missing, but now that you mention it, I can't recall that charm ever being listed with its original box!

    Ambitiously, years ago I started a spreadsheet about what retailer was selling what charm, just after the pink terry-lined boxes started coming out. It just got too overwhelming, because of frustration over details like what you just posted. Missing numbers, missing retail prices, my OCD just would not let me continue.

    Thanks! I always enjoy seeing that wonderful charm in all its glory!

  3. Collecting the matching boxes has become my new obsession mainly due to OCD...plus it gives me something to do while waiting for new charms. I've been hunting the YJRU #'s for ones no one seems to know so I was excited to see this listing with a picture in the SOLD eBay auctions.
    I have 5 boxes with #'s no one seems to know which charm they go to.
  4. In the wait for the new charms I started looking back for older ones I have sold and am wishing I had kept or ones with new meaning. I had been wanting to find the burger charm forever since I foolishly sold mine last year and when one finally popped up I jumped on it! I was so excited to receive this from one of the sweetest charmies I know. My son has also recently formed a love of fresh oranges so when I saw this listed by another fantastic charm collector I had to snap it up. Thank you so much ladies:heart::smooch:
    2014-07-23 16.47.07.jpg 2014-07-23 16.47.16.jpg 2014-07-23 16.47.59.jpg 2014-07-23 16.48.14.jpg
  5. Oh, very nice! tatertot glad to see you got your hamburger & orange slice.
    Sometimes I wonder why I passed on that hamburger charm. Haha. Probably because the fries hadn't been released yet. Guess something else in that release batch caught my eye.

    Shanibabe, what are the 5 YJRUs you are wondering about, if it is not too nosy to ask?
    An eBay seller has listed some older charms with boxes that I've never seen before...sorry I can't find them now that I'm home, can't post on this forum at work, it's blocked.

  6. great news!! YAY!!:yahoo:
  7. Thank you so much Xatrina:hbeat: I was so happy to receive them both. My son was a burger for his first Halloween and I wsa the Ketchup and hubby the Mustard so it's a special charm to me.
  8. Congrats on finding your new charms Tatertot.
    I've always loved that hamburger charm.

    This happens to me all the time. All of a sudden I need a charm that I had previously ignored, and then I have to search long and hard to find.
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    These are the boxes I have with no matching charm:
    YJRU0219( I think this may be the original flippers since contrary to belief it is not the casino chip. The casino chip is actually YJRU0449)

    All are black/blue.

    Please point me in the direction of those auctions!
  10. Congrats TaterT!!!! That hamburger has been on my list for a few years now. So glad you found one. Hope to snag one at a great price someday soon.

    I have been catching up with this thread. I had stopped checking coming on here after the JC website stopped carrying charms. I thought this thread would end. Hopefully the charms return soon and this thread can continue.
  11. Hi BedazzledBee! I am trying to PM you but it says your inbox is full :sad:(
  12. Thank you so much BB:smooch: I am amazed at how high the price has gone up for it but the details are really neat on this one. I did pay a bit more than my budget but since it was a very special one to me I went for it. Megs featured it in the PF round-up for July too so us Juicy ladies are getting some attention! Hopefully we can add a few new charmies to our ranks:biggrin:

    I noticed they have uploaded some jewelry finally (just a few necklaces and bracelets) but it's something other than watches so hopefully they will get the rest of the lines up soon. I asked them point blank when the charms would be put up along with the rest of the jewelry but they would not give me a date. Guess I'll just keep hanging in there :p
  13. I am so glad you finally found it!! I have been keeping my eye out but none have come up anywhere. I've been keeping my eye out for a hula girl too. They have to pop up somewhere, they just do!
  14. So after some more research and picture exchange with 4 others who own these charms. The fins are YJRU0217 and the casino chip is actually YJRU0449. The YJRU0406 is the gold orb ball. YJRU0067 is still a mystery.:pullhair:

    Still trying to figure out the numbers for these if anyone has them:
    Blue CZ Heart Charm
    Chained Heart
    Gold Coin
    Life Saver Candy
    Lucky Horn
    Money Cage
    Silver Horshoe with gold Juicy banner across
    Poodle in a Circle
    Baseball bat
    White Baseball
    Fairytale Apple Slice
    Gold Medallion/Coat of Arms
    Grad Cap 2005
    Message in a Bottle
    Movie Camera Reel
    Wishbone in Circle
    Greek Heart
    Elegant Hand
    Sterling Silver Crown
    Sterling Silver Cupcake
    Sterling Silver Shield
    2008 Grad Cap Charm
    Love Machine Robot