Juicy Charms, the addiction continues!

  1. Congrats to those with new charms!
  2. Thank you :smooch:
  3. I bought a dog bed charm I'm not sure of. I've done a search here but there are no photos of this charm and the only photos I'm seeing on on eBay.
    Can someone who has this charm, please check the charm authentication thread where I've posted photos? Thanks!

  4. One just sold last week for $520, I would say generally if they go to auction (not BIN) you are looking at $500-$800 for that one.
  5. I just scored this bracelet & charms at a consignment shop for $69! It has been loved a little, but I am so excited by the Pegasus & old seahorse!!

  6. nice find! I also go into those stores hoping to find charms but never have!
  7. Great find!
    Theres some nice charms on that bracelet.
  8. Thanks everyone. We have some fantastic consignment shops here, so I always check the jewelry cases. I have scored several times!

    On another note...I was at Nordstrom Rack yesterday & they had 2 charms in stock. I should have taken pics, but neither really appealed to me. I would have bought the dragonfly if it was in goldtone, but they only had the silvertone.

    The pink solid crystal heart charm with bow on it was $22.99

    The crystal dragonfly silvertone was $21.99

  9. I have only seen the pink poodle. The clasp looks so shiny on that one. I think it's fake.
  10. Great bracelet!!
  11. What a fantastic score:tup:!! You got some lovely charms, CONGRATS!

    Looks like a fake version of the early Poodle release just giving it a quick overview however I never owned that charm.

    I am so excited. Thanks to a lovely charmie I have the bowling pin on the way which has very special memories for me and I also nabbed the silver Flying Pig charm. I have not gotten any charms in some time so I am excited for these arrivals. If I can finally track that darn burger down:search: I will be all set.
  12. Beautiful!
  13. Called the Customer Care number on the JC website this a.m and was told ALL FREE-STANDING JUICY COUTURE STORES IN THE USA will be re-opening in two to three months and new charms will be ready.

    He seemed adamant about it so I'm kind of thrilled.

    Maybe they had a change of heart & re-thought their decision???
  14. Omg this is amazing news if true!!!!