Juicy Charms, the addiction continues!

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    Also, this is not an authenticity thread. All authenticity questions should be in the "Authenticate This Juicy". Finally, in the past we had trouble w/ sellers talking smack about other sellers, this is prohibited.
  2. Thanks so much for our new thread Swanky!!

    Juicy has all the new charms up and at 30% off and free shipping with code RICH30:graucho: I was not going to buy any but for that deal I had to snag the tennis ball can and Easter Basket.

  3. Thanks for the code. I ordered the Pagoda, tennis ball can & Coconut Water. I had already bought the Easter basket with the 20% email from this morning.
  4. Thanks Tatertot! Do you know when the rich30 code expires? TIA
  5. I'm not sure when that code expires. Code FLING is also good for 30% off full price and is good through the 24th should the other stop working, HTH:flowers:
  6. Tater..you are not behaving!!!:p:loveeyes:

    I didn't realize the new charms were up on jc.com because they never came up when I refreshed. Low and behold they are on the second page not first and foremost!! I ordered mine for that sweet deal. I almost panicked when I saw my FLING coupon said 2/24/13 but then I saw your backup code. :smooch::smooch::smooch::smooch::smooch:

    (Oh and for the record...I was only allowed to kiss you 7 times, there is a tPF limit to kissing apparently...LOL)
  7. THanks tatertot!!! I also grabbed the can of tennis balls and the easter basket. I guess we are on the same wave length:hugs:
  8. LOL I'm so glad I could help! I was so excited when I stumbled across that deal this morning and just like you I didn't see them because they were on the second page until I looked through all the jewelry.

    Yeah.....:shame: You know I'm having a hard time being good:p I hope your trip went well and drop me a line sometime:heart:

    WOW, those are some great deals! The Roulette, the Igloo:faint::faint:
  9. Ok so I have to drag Hawaii's carriage issue here because we have been comparing pictures via email. I have one I got in the box with tags and then got another one today in a lot. The one I received today is slightly smaller and lighter than the one I had and Hawaii says hers looks more like the one I just got which means my original one might be fake (if it is its a dang good one). Yet I also know they were issued twice. Would anyone be willing to post pics of theirs so we have more references besides the reference thread?
  10. Hope this picture helps. It the flash blows it out too much, I will take a better picture tomorrow under better lighting. This carriage was purchased from a JC store in June 2011.
    Carriage charm.JPG
  11. Mine is just like the one in the reference thread and I bought mine from JC.
    I don't remember it being issued twice. I know they sold out and then it was on backorder for a while, and I had to wait a couple of months after ordering it.
    If you have two different sizes, I would think one or the other is a fake. Why don't you post photos in the authentication thread?
  12. I was just playing around with some of my charms. Oh how I wish they had released these charm boxes with the blue lining too.:shucks:
    JC Charm Box 1.2.JPG JC Charm Box 2.2.JPG
  13. Beautiful collection. I see many charms you are so lucky to have that are still on my wish list such as yorkies around fire hydrant, igloo,world traveler globe etc:amazed::amazed: