Jomashop - arrrrgh!

  1. Now, I regret even telling you about Jomashop. :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    I ordered the brown stripe Montaigne and a black woven bracelet.

    I received the red/coral striped Montaigne and a bracelet that had badly oxidized and pitted tags.

    I returned both...Jomashop does not want to pay for my return.

    In the meantime, I re-ordered the brown strip Montaigne, before they were due to get the red one back. I explicitly told the CS rep that I wanted someone to check it, to make sure it was brown, and if it wasn't to look through all the stripe Montaignes for a brown one, or cancel the order.

    Today, the replacement came. It is a red/coral stripe Montaigne. I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone.

    I called Jomashop for yet another RMA...

    Anybody in NYC want to go there and give them a piece of my mind???
  2. Oh, geez. What a totally frustrating experience! I'm sorry.
  3. Urgh, sorry jburgh... I don't understand what's so difficult about putting a brown bag in a box when a brown bag was ordered... seriously! Do you plan to give them a third chance??
  4. NOPE! (still mad!) :bagslap:
  5. I'd be ticked too! Thats terrible customer service!
  6. Sorry to hear about your frustrations with them. Not sure it would help but do you have any of that in writing/emails? So that maybe on the second return they would pay for the shipping?
  7. Sorry to hear about this. I was so tempted to order but was worried about the wrong order / return hassle. Looks like Jomashop does not care about CS at all. They should have at least refund your shipping for the second shipment. Hope all will be solved quickly.
  8. Yikes! Hope everything gets sorted out in your favour soon, jburgh!!
  9. aaaagggghhhh, that's so not right, jburgh!! I'm so curious that I will definitely go by their address next time I go to the city. It's probably just a small office and not a store, I guess?
  10. jeez....thats absolutely infuriating :cursing:. I won't be able to eat or sleep if I were you. Have you called them to give them a piece of your mind?
  11. Jburgh-- So sorry to hear you are going through this. ITA with everyone else that you should not have to pay for return shipping when it was their fault that they sent the wrong item and a defective one.

    Hope they reimburse shipping for you!!
  12. Oh geez - how frustrating. Hope they at least agree to refund your shipping. What a fiasco.
  13. i'm really disappointed to hear they messed up a second time, jburgh. you can be sure i will never buy anything from them. and i suppose, if all tpfers were to stop buying from them, that should teach them a lesson too.
  14. jburgh, what a royal pain! I'm sorry you have to deal with this. It'll be a CDIH before they get my business.
  15. I am sorry it did not turn out well for you. Jomashop is mostly in watches I think. I believe the staff are not familiar with handbags. They simply look at the inventory tags. The Pyramid I ordered had a sticker with the same serial numbers as the authenticity tag on the outside of the dust bag. The staff may not be able to tell "red coral" from "brown" :confused1: