Jimmy Choo Outlet store now open

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  1. FYI - a Jimmy Choo outlet store opened up at Woodbury Commons in NY. I went in there this weekend. They had a big shoe selection. They have a few bags. The SA said they just opened a couple of days ago and are are still waiting for more inventory. If you happen to be in Woodbury Commons it's worth a look-see. It is in the space that Via Spiga used to occupy.
  2. OMG! OMG! MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting Kat!!!
  3. OMG, there's only one thing to do: ROAD TRIP! :rochard:
  4. KAT -- YOU'RE THE BEST!! Thank you for posting that Choo has made its way to Woodbury!:yahoo:

    Do you remember how their prices were?
  5. ^^ I agree! I am marking this one on the calendar for next weekend.
  6. AHHHHH!!!! I so want to live in NYC!
  7. How exciting! How far is this from DE/Philly? When I go visit my friend in DE I may try and figure out a way to get there.
  8. Let's all meet there this Summer:party:
    I am making it a point to get to NY ASAP!:yahoo:
    Thanks for the info!
  9. what were their prices like? were the styles in stock from long ago or recent?
  10. Man...I'm so glad I don't live near Woodbury Commons, I'd never eat...just spend all my money on shoes and handbags.
  11. I remember seeing this on the outlet homepage...were the sales any good? I was thinking of going to visit family up that way, and of course, making a stop @ the outlets! ;)
  12. I'm in NY for vacation..(here to shop and eat good food ) I'm going to woodbury today and will check what they have there..I'm so excited~~
  13. Ooooooo post lots of pics
  14. Oh, can't wait to hear a full report:sos::yahoo:
  15. I'm back in the hotel now..here is the report..
    They have some tulita large metallic bags ...and small version of it with shoulder strap (dont know style name) in croc in red.
    Shoes they have alot..Jeweled flats and heels with ankle starp..some black and brown classic sling back..about 10 different styles of lovely looking boots. they have momo green metallic flat slide but ( one size 40 left)
    things I like they did not have my size and other than that most of styles are pretty old I have to say at least 2 years old..(styles that I've seen off 5th or nordstrom rack last year ) and price was about $100 more than discounted stores.
    Overall they have lots of shoe selection and poor handbag selection becuase they just opened (as KAT said)
    I was so happy be there to check out the store (sorry girls no pictures I was too excited to see all the items they have I think I was too excited to be woodbury outlet )
    sad thing is I came out of store empty handed..:sad: