Jewelry Lovers chit chat thread

  1. ^^No, the CBG/JCK show is at the end of this month. We arrive in Vegas May 31st and will be doing CBG first and then JCK (which is the mammoth show) starts at the end of the week, Friday, I think. Since the economic implosion, the show (both) have taken on a whole different 'feel'. Some vendors have become very, very stale which means very, very boring to look at. :sad:
  2. Can you tell me what those initials stand for? I know there's a diamond show & a mixed gem show but I haven't been to either. Hopefully it won't be too hot yet when you are here.
    The vendors are probably afraid to add to their inventory.
  3. Just thinking... I would do some research on which stores are on those islands. I went on a criuse to Grand Cayman last month, they actually have a real Cartier store and the watches and the Love bracelets were much cheaper than the US. I remember St Thomas and St Martin being great jewelry islands, but I don't remember what stores they had.
  4. CBG = Continental Buying Group.

    JCK = I don't know. Have always known this show - it's vendors from all over the world - just as JCK. Not sure if they stand for anything or not. We're traveling from Iowa, we will not mind the (dry) heat. Love it......
  5. LOL!!! Ya, here it has to be 81+ degrees for bikini weather. We are cold wimps out here :p

  6. Is there a show the week of June 14th? I'll be in Vegas that week :yahoo:

  7. BethC - I've been spending half my time at work doing research. Kidding (sort of). St. Thomas and Nassau (1st and 3rd stops) have Cartier stores, St. Martin does not. It seems that the jewelry is only sold at their boutiques, where the watches are sold lots of places.

    I'm *really* hoping there is a good discount. That is actually why I'm so focused on getting it on the trip, someone posted on TPF a while back that they got almost 20% off.
  8. BRI : ^^Not that I'm aware, the two shows I'll be attending will be over by then.
  9. I actually wanted to call and see if it was in stock, would give me a quote, etc., but I don't have international on my phone, I got sick of paying the monthly charge and I never used it, and I can't seem to get to my Mom's house during business hours. I did once but had all sorts of trouble with the country codes. So lame. I'm only used to calling Ireland and England where my family are. But then I called the regular NY number, and the fancy young man who answered the phone assured me it is normally stocked in a few sizes at all boutiques.
  10. VLL: she loves it! personally I wouldn't be able to do it. 9 months at sea with periods of a month or more without leaving the ship! I'd be afraid i'd jump ship after getting cabin fever:biggrin:

    Bagaday & Vegas long legs: I might be attending the show this year as the watch company I work for also makes custom jewellery. we've attended past years so i'm hoping i'll be making the trip
  11. lanasyogamama: Hope you're able to find your Cartier souvenir gift on your cruise - either way you should come back with a souvenir!!

    candice: at JCK, there's the Hall of Time - will your watch co. have a booth there?
  12. Thanks Bagaday! I was hopeful that Thrusday would shape up as an easy work day, but that is NOT happening as of now. AUGH!
  13. Well I think it's a 'rite of vacation passage' that you're tortured at work prior to departure. Have a fun and safe cruise. Can't wait to hear what made its way into your suitcase.
  14. Have you also tried to e-mail the boutiques to check whether your size and gold colour is in stock? Good luck with your hunt. I hope they give you a good bargain.
  15. no not at JCK, we were at baselworld in switzerland. but no more watch shows until the next basel fair or the hong kong show