Jewelry Lovers chit chat thread

  1. ...Which matches fine with your YG love cuff!!!!!!

    By the way... I am sure you will love the RG as well.
  2. Hi Ladies....I love the chit chat thread idea... I'm always on this page.... I just love it! I'm a big fan of Tiffany's and I love seeing everyone's eye candy....
  3. I am excited to see RG vs YG in person. I read though that RG looked good on people who WG suited, which I am not - have you heard that?
  4. hi neverenoughbags!!!
  5. It is both work and pleasure as I work part-time at a jewelry store and help out when it is time to go to the shows. It's a lot of work - on your feet all day long, walking, walking, walking. CBG is a small show that is at Ceasar's (we belong to that buying group) so it's a bit more laid-back. JCK is unbelievable. There's Couture and Luxury too on top of all the other vendors. You have to actually pick and choose what vendor's you're going to look at. You must LOVE jewelry,:biggrin: which I do, but even I glaze over after awhile. It's hard not to point and I say "I want that". Ummm, because you have to pay for it too!:nuts: Plus I love regular shopping in Vegas too so I'm a very happy gal for a week.
  6. Nooooo! :lol: We do a couple of trips just DH and I each year and a big familia trip each summer for all of us.
    I wouldn't be comfortable taking my kids on someone's yacht either I don't think :-s

    Egads! :faint:
  7. Bagaday, do you have to be in the jewelry industry to get into the Vegas shows? I heard one of them has amazing antique jewelry and I would love to go, but I was told only industry allowed. Is that true? I love estate pieces and always visit the diamond district in NY when I go. I also think I will be in Vegas during those shows. Thanks!

  8. Yes, unfortunately, you have to have vendor/retailer credentials to gain access. The security is actually kind of scary - lots of big guns. However, I thought the show with vintage pieces did allow access to the public. I thought it was up the strip though, not at Sands Convention Hall. Not sure but if I find out any info, I'll pass on.
  9. Bagaday, are you allowed to take pics?
  10. Hi Ladies!!! Hope you are all having a Happy Monday!
  11. I can take pics on my cell if it's a piece that we're looking at and need to shoot back to the owner of the store, etc. But that's about it.

  12. You too!! We're having a gorgeous weather day today so it's definitely a Happy Monday in the midwest.:biggrin:
  13. ^ That's great. I'm in San Diego and it's 73 degrees and sunny. I can actually wear 3/4 sleeves finally, lol! It's been cold out here up until today.
  14. Bri 333: In Iowa 73 and sunny = bikini weather.
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    Hey Ladies!

    Do you do the jewelry show the week of ASD? In Feb/March & then again Aug/Sept. Used to be at the Mirage Now at the Sands. I love this show!

    Swanky - you might enjoy the yachting cruises. Its probably about as upscale as one can get without being P Diddys guest.

    Candice - does your friend like working for Cunard? I've been on the QV twice, really enjoyed it. We are going on Crystal this year, making out our list of what special food items we want them to stock for us.