Jewelry Box in Action!!

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  1. thanks!:smile:
  2. I adore this stack, I also love stacking daintier bracelets like these together!!!!
  3. thanks Sprinkles :biggrin: me too! dainty bracelets are my favorite jewellery!
  4. I really enjoy this thread! I'm a recent jewelry fanatic, and was wondering: where do you lovely ladies get all your jewelry? Where would you get quality jewelry for good prices?
  5. Now I really love this look, I mix with delicate pieces too these days! And even though I wear white gold I prefer the yellow right now.
  6. Candice, what a gorgeous stack! I've been eyeing the Bluenile bar bracelet for a while now and yours is the 1st mod shot I've seen. How do you like it now that you've had it for a while? It seems very delicate, but is it sparkly IRL? Thanks!
  7. Hi paruparo,

    it is very sparkly! I wear it almost everyday and it has held up very well!
  8. Thanks for the response. That's exactly the info I needed to help make a decision. I am in love with the rose gold one :smile:
  9. So pretty.
  10. itès a great bracelet! mine is YG and the RG looks very pretty too :smile:still tempted to get the RG!
  11. My everyday watch.

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  12. Got a surprise in the mail. My Mum who lives interstate, sent me these 3 tone earrings hoops. I dont know if I like them though. WE have different taste..they are hammered...


  13. My stack today ..

  14. So beautiful !