JChoo.com Strikes Again :(

  1. Sorry for the rant, and the way too long post, but I am so ticked at Jimmy Choo right now. I ordered a tan ramona from their most recent sale and my mom wanted a Ramona so the family decides to go in on it to give it to her as a surprise for her 60th birthday Tuesday Feb. 12. They don't have a lot of money so this was a big deal and everyone was glad it was at a price that they could afford to go in on it.

    After nearly a week in customs because they marked it as fish/wildlife (BTW-No other vendor has ever marked a bag like that and I have received full Python bags from UK ok), the bag arrives. I open it up and am amazed at the color and beautiful biker leather. Then turn it around and WTF! there is a huge black ink/scratch, who the **** knows mark on the back of the bag. Where is the quality control? So I call them on Friday since her birthday is Tuesday the 12th and was told I had to leave a message. Send an email with pics and hear nothing. So Tuesday rolls around and I send another email and leave another voicemail. this time I sign the email with my law firm name at the end. Finally get a response that they were waiting to hear back from their quality control department so that is why they didn't even acknowledge my email/voicemails. Rep I speak with says to return the bag and they will try to locate another one in the states. Two days later, dead silence from them. The birthday has passed and still no bag.

    I am going to have to replace it with a full price bag that I can find in the states, but I think it is unbelieveable that the bloody manufacturer sends out bags in worse shape than even bags on eBay. I have never received a Choo bag with problems like this before and I own 9 of them.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant. It was embarrassing having to show up with nothing for my mother but an IOU and now days later, we still dont have a resolution.

    May have lost my love for the Choo over this. I cancelled the drummed navy out of spite and am thinking of returning two bags I just bought (yes I know it means nothing and is a futile protest, but I am ticked).
  2. Oh...that's terrible. They should never send out anything that looked like that. SHAME on Jimmy Choo!!!

    Have you found a replacement yet? I know your mother will be so excited when she gets it.
  3. Thanks. No, the only replacement I could find in the watersnake/biker is the full price black one or the nude, but she wanted a tan/brown bag. I have the Short Hills location looking, so we will see.

    No one else in my family gets my love of expensive bags or the amount of money I spend on them so this just makes the situation even worse.
  4. awww. that's such a horrible experience! :sad:

    dont get up on JC just yet! i only got started and i am loving it!!
  5. Oh, I'm so sorry! That's totally unexcusable. They should refund all your money including shipping both ways and then give you some sort of major discount on a regular priced bag to make up for it. I'm tired of these big companies thinking people are just so grateful to have one of their bags that people will accept anything.
  6. lionlawb that is one Major OUCH! :push: I'm so sorry to hear that. I could imagine how frustrating that is, specially as a gift for a loved one. I had a similar experience with a different brand. Not stains though but a much needed part of the bag wasn't there. I almost returned it and quit it. So now I realize, that was the last bag I bought from them. Hmmm, interesting. Well, that is another story. Anyway, I hope they make up for it bigtime. I mean Bigtime. Maybe a discount or something. I hope it gets better. Did you find a different gift though?
  7. Aaarrggghhh...I was looking for the tan for my mom as well, and apparently they are completely out in the US. Have you tried calling the New York #? Maybe they can help you.

    I am annoyed on your behalf!
  8. I loved that! :roflmfao:
  9. To send a bag in this condition is considered bad customer service!! I'll be petrified if I received such a bag too! And to think that it's supposed to be a birthday present makes it worse. Worst, your family members would think really hard on all the money you've spent on handbags. Sigh. I still hope jchoo.com will be doing some sort of recovery process as you know, bad publicity spreads fast and especially with this forum, more would know. I'm thinking twice ordering online from jchoo.com.
  10. Thanks everyone. Jburgh (who is WONDERFUL!!) has put me in touch with someone who is hopefully going to help me sort this Choo mess out. Will update once it is resolved.
  11. oh UGH!
    totally unacceptable!
    My frustration level peaked @ the last sale too and I will NEVER deal with jc online - EVER again!

    I love my store on Rodeo and Nikki the manager is great - so for me, I'm on the "Deal with a Human only program"

    I'm sorry your dealing with this!

    Best of luck in getting a smooth resolution to this.
  12. Thanks everyone.

    Well, I am done with JC online. They offered nothing but a $30 credit towards my next purchase off of their crappy site. No replacement bag, no percentage off a different Ramona, nothing. I was insulted to say the least. Told them they could keep the store credit, would not do business with them again, and ordered my mom a Bottega Veneta bag!

    I cancelled two Choo pre-orders I had with Bergdorf and won't buy another until I cool down. They don't care, but they lost a customer.
  13. Whaaa? Didn't Natasha help you? Was the above compensation offered by the Choo online people? That makes me really mad if that is all the help Natasha offered. Please PM me a picture of the mark on the back.

    Is this bag all sold out now? Which biker leather one was it...did you mean the nude? You said tan, but I have not seen the dark tan version available for several months. Did you tell them that you have been a loyal customer and they really don't want to disappoint you?

    FYI - they (any EU country) are required by CITES to declare it as wildlife product. It is a hassle on both ends of the process. I think Robyn and another PFer had a bag held up for weeks because of that. Choo online will no longer ship python to the US because of the hassle. Companies that do not declare properly are breaking the law.
  14. lionlaw I feel your pain and frustration with JimmyChoo.com:cursing: I am so sorry to hear about your mother's BD present, BUT I will tell you what I have found out in the time since my entire ordeal and Jburgh can confirm as well:yes:

    Unfortunately, JimmyChoo.com is not part of Jimmy Choo the company. The contract out the website and sales to NAP and they are a totally different company. The people working the customer service department and NAP do not care about the customer satisfaction of the "Jimmy Choo" buyers and as such, treat you as such :censor: I even had my SA trying to assist me in the whole delivery problem and she was unable to get any resolution due to the split between companies.

    The only way to get any resolution with problems and satisfaction is to develop a relationship with a SA from one of the Boutiques here in the US and only deal with them. I refuse to ever order another item from JC.Com and will only purchase my bags from the US Department stores or my SA (Casey ) in Chicago.

    I know it is emotions taking over right now and I felt the same way when I went through my stupid ordeal. I returned my Watersnake Rock and I was going to sell all my bags and never buy another JC bag again, but after finding out the situation, I have stuck with my beloved Choos.

    When Jburgh and & I mentioned the numerous problems Members have had to Casey last month, we asked if she would take these issues back to Corporate and see about improving the Customer Service issues or getting rid of NAP before JC looses any more good customers. Keep your fingers crossed:yes: something will change soon and in the mean time, I will see if there has been any input on her end.
  15. I am so sorry for your ordeal. I know now never to buy JC on-line,