J Crew ~aholics Thread!

  1. the outlet is only brick and mortar...
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    No you can't shop the outlet online, but that's the only email that's been mentioned on any JC blogs with regards to Black Friday sales - I wonder if there is another secret email floating around out there?. Did it have a red Christmas ornament with earmuffs as the picture in the email?
  3. ^^^Yup, but it definitely said online at midnight, thats what really caught my attention...I'm going to start digging thru sites now to see if anyone else has mentioned that email. I deleted it thinking I wouldnt need it keep it as a reminder, because there was no way I was forgetting to stay up to shop!!
  4. Oh I really hope that there will be an online sale at midnight! It's my fave time to shop online, hehe.
  5. dc cutie that silvery pencil skirt looks sooo hot on you!
  6. DCCutie- I have that first skirt, i bought it last yr on super sale. I also have the lexington jacket in gray, and the stripped metalic tee. And I spy that you have the penelope mjs that i have on in my avatar
  7. here's a few of my outfits- the first 2 pics are old pics
    (pre weight loss)
    j.crew france cardi and adrian skirt
    jennifer dress
    orange bow skirt, penelope mjs and feather weight cardi
  8. Thank you DC-Cutie!! Your choices look very very nice too !!!:smile:
  9. IMHO - the sizing of J.crew in shoes and clothes is all over the place. I am normall a 7 shoe size,most of my shoes in J.Crew are 7 but I have some 6, 61/2 and also 7 1/2 sizes in the pictures i have posted. I always try the shoes in the store haven't bought online recently. They always have cute shoes but they are not always comfy.

    I hope you have luck in trying some of the shoes .. they have a promo online 20% off and free shipping.
  10. I love all your outfits - You have really styled them very nicely !!!

    I have the jennifer dress in the same color- love it.
  11. 1nutmeg- heres the shirred v neck on:
  12. I love J Crew

    i have a couple of their cardigans. Cashmere and cotton blend They are long and I have them in nude and powder blue. I really want to get a basic black cashmere cardigan.
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    DC-Cutie, talldrnkofwater, TxGlam really cute outfits!!!

    I just went shopping at the J Crew outlet, I picked up 2 Jackie cardi's, a pair of skinny cords, wool jacket and a necklace...I :heart: JCREW accessories.

    I recently purchased a dark heather gray Jackie cardi and textured jersey bouquet tee from the store about 3 weeks ago. Last week my online order was delivered (silk ruffle tank and a tee) I'm thinking about returning it though, not completely sold on it!
  14. Sounds like you picked up some good stuff! I haven't been to the outlet in a while, need to go this week!