J Crew ~aholics Thread!

  1. :welcome2:Sammiee!
    I like the Frances cami! Although, I am so sick of dealing with silk so I'm trying to cut back on -dry clean only pain in my booty items - but if it goes on sale for thanksgiving, then I'm totally buying.
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    I wore my bling button cardi for the 1st time today and noticed after I took it off that it has a big hole below the armpit...after 3 hrs of wear! Not cool...:tdown: for quality.


    Wearing a size XS in the bling cardi for reference

    Also love my Wool pleated-silk chimera jacket in charcoal, the Tissue sparkling rose tee & silk cascade ruffle jacket
    jasmin guava bling cardi j crew.jpg jcrew grey ruffle jacket.jpg jcrew taupeotk.jpg cascade ruffle jacket.jpg
  3. I just bought the Studio Wool Pants in Copper. They were on sale and I can't rave enough. OMG they are fantastic. Perfectly tailored and the color is so unique, like a perfect autumn rust.
  4. Its so sad that Jcrew does ship to Singapore at the moment as I am really in love with their items...So I have to depend on eBay...

    This is one of my fav...the jacket cardigan!


    Colour is antique stone.
  5. heres one of my fave j.crew shoes. J.crew coralies in bright blue (i also have them in mint green) and j.crew satin trim cardi
  6. Take it back to the store. Even though they say items must be unworn, that is a defect.

    and don't you just love that Jacket. I got it too and got so many compliments the day I wore it. Probably 90% of my wardrobe is J. Crew. My co-workers call me "little Michelle Obama" - nice compliment:biggrin:
  7. GREAT thread! Talldrnkofwater - I have the same skirt in the coral color. Your aqua color was the one i originally wanted but when it first came out and I tried it on, I hadn't lost enough baby weight yet. A few month later, they went on sale and I was down to a size 8 at that point, but the blue was gone. I got the coral, which isn't a color I usually wear, but it's actually really nice. Of course, by the time I break it out next summer, it will probably be too big, but hopefully the tailor will be able to adjust it!
  8. ^^ i bought it during red card promotion. I have all the colors except the green.
    Sometimes I hate buying their skirts because they stretch out so much.

  9. I LOVE the chimera jacket on you, sooo cute! What size did you get?
  10. True, I will probably take it to the store tomorrow and see if I can exchange...now shall I get the same cardi again or get something else?

    Wow-90% j crew...that's great! Do you blog? Would love to see you model some more stuff!
  11. Thanks! I got it in a 0, it's a little boxy so I prefer to use a belt around the waist to give it a little bit of shape.

  12. Are you talking about the Midnight Madness sale? I got that email too and I thought it was only for the outlets?

    Because like most other retailers last holiday season, JCrew had way too much inventory on hand which forced them to mark down their prices earlier and at a higher % than they normally would. This year Mickey Drexler, the CEO, has gone on record numerous times saying that they are trying to retrain their customers to buy at full price. Part of this means better inventory control and keeping the inventory levels lower than last year - hence why it seems that a lot of times are selling out quickly with a distant expected ship date... And through all of this, JCrew wins because they can still demand full price ;)
  13. I love J.Crew! I'm currently obsessed with their sweaters and coats. I don't have any of their cashmere but hope to get a couple on sale after Christmas. I've been waiting for the merino shirred v-neck sweater to go on sale, however I really wanted the bright hydrangea color and it just sold out in small this morning. For coats I just got the Crosby in black and I'm eying the stadium cloth boulevard trench and the Carlin in sea salt. I would buy all my clothes from J.Crew but their pricing is a cut above what I like to pay. I keep telling myself not to spend money elsewhere on clothes so I can afford to buy just J.Crew!
  14. nope, I don't blog.. I do read J. Crew Aficionada - luv that blog.

    Here are a few pics, from earlier this year. Now that you've made this thread, I'll contribute with more J.Crew inspired pics:yahoo:

    one of my favorite skirts from last season: