I've got stripes... (Crimson ones! Come see!)

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  1. Congrats! It's all beautiful.
  2. Does this mean I have to buy the matching large cosmetic case to go with my brown sig stripe?

    You think they'll make more red sig stripe this fall?
  3. Very nice!! Congrats on your beautiful set.
  4. I'm pretty sure they will. It was a very popular fall colour and now they've brought the vermillion back so I am almost sure of it! :yahoo:
  5. No, Sarah, baaaad, Sarah. Put down the phone and step away from the credit card....NO MORE!!! Save for the satchel.....ummmm!! Or for Carly....yum!!
  6. I LOVE the Crimson!!!! If the Carly Wristlet wasn't such a great beauty case, I would be all over a mdeium crimson beauty case!!O_O
  7. *LOL* That's one thing I love about the SEC...the RIVARLY! Being from the NW where college football is not a religion, it cracks me up! Still, I’m a Bama fan for life! DH and I cheer for any SEC team that isn't playing against Bama...minus Tennessee and Auburn!!;) (sorry to the Vols or Tigers on tPF)

    Now back to the crimson stripes!! I let DH in on your spend money to save money logic! :P You’re right, the crimson set is very reasonable compared to the new prices. I’ll be sure to post pics of all the new goodies from this weekend.

    Did ya get the wallet, yet? :nogood: ;)
  8. i love it razorbackbelle very pretty
  9. Thank you! Now I'm hearing they have the punch stripe beauty case at Jax though :nuts: I love Punch...
  10. my fav color! I Like!:yes:
  11. wow, i love them! congrats!
  12. Very, very nice!

    I have a crimson demi on it's way to me and I cannot wait to get it. seeing your crimson stuff is killllling me....but in a good way..haha.
  13. ^^ :drool:

    Post pics of that Crimson demi when you get it! Candy's is gorgeous.