I've got stripes... (Crimson ones! Come see!)

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  1. *LOL* DH is sitting next to me, so I couldn’t resist sharing your post. After he read it he said, “Got 12? Roll Tide!” Then he started singing Bama’s fight song. hehehe! Football is cool, but COACH is better! :yes:

    Thanks for letting me know about the crimson line being in stock in JAX. Can you believe I had the demi in my hot little hands last month at an outlet and decided to put it back??? I could and should KICK myself! :sad:

    I'm going to shop the outlets this weekend and then call JAX if I don’t get lucky. Either way I'm taking your advice...DH is soooooo gonna buy me the crimson stripe set!! :sneaky:

  2. Tell him I'm listening to my razorback fight song ringtone on my phone and bobbing my head pimp-style. hehehe! SEC rivalry at its' finest!

    I can't believe you put that demi down! I'd have been on that like white on rice! But if you get the tote, wristlet and beauty case it'll be money well saved! The wristlet is $48, the beauty case $88 for the large and I think $68...? for the regular (I recommend the large for the tote!) and the tote is only $268. Considering how expensive Coach bags are getting these days remind your DH that he's getting off cheap! heehee! Post pics when you get done with your outlet jaunt, I'm so jealous of ladies with outlets nearby. My closest is like.. four hours away. :sad:

    (PS, I love football but you're right. Coach is way better! It lasts longer! :yes:)
  3. LOVE them!!! :heart::yes::heart: We're almost crimson twins now!

    I was all ready to buy a black wallet after weeks and weeks of deliberating... then I got my crimson stuff and my current red Kate Spade wallet is the exact same color.... it all looks so good together but I want a Coach wallet! I would love for them to make a nice one!

    Congrats on the great set!
  4. The zip around accordion signature stripe wallet is quite nice! They still have it in JAX too, to my knowledge. I just love my Kenneth cole and my wristlets.... that, and I also have a burgundy eel framed coin purse of my grandmothers that i inherited that is the EXACT colour of the leather... I carry it with it everywhere.

    but after listening to Kristan and Cindy I might have to get that wallet! LOL. Don'tcha love crimson? Crimson twins! :drinkup:
  5. I love the whole set! I didn't even think to look to see if JAX had this color still! I was planning on getting the black/white. Knowing this, I plan on getting myself some crimson items the next time I'm in at work:yes:
  6. love love LOVE your collection! Crimson was my favourite of all the colours for the sig stripe collection. I love how the tote looks when reversed. I just love red so much!! Don't you just love how much the beauty case holds?!
  7. Hey Sarah! I am :drool:DROOLING:drool: over your Crimson Collection! It is totally TDF!!!!!!!!!!:heart::tup:
    So, you said the LARGE TOTE is only $268???? I may HAVE to have that set!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, I am going to an outlet this next week...maybe I'll get lucky?!!? If not, I'll definitely be ordering that set from JAX!!!!!!!
    P.S. Do you have the style numbers for all of those peices, please??? I'd like to know specifically about the large beauty case & large tote if you have THOSE numbers!!
  8. Oooooh.....Shelly likey. Shelly want Crimson. :drool:
  9. THANK YOU! :yahoo:

    Large beauty case: 40026. Tote: 10124. Good luck at the outlet!
  10. I love the crimson, great set. I would love to get that beauty case for my carly. Since the carly is so big, it would be nice to have a big case with a splash of color on it.
  11. Sarah, your collection is awesome!! I think many of us will follow your footstep and become Coach SA in the near future. LOL

    My fav Coach SA in downtown Chicago asked me to become a SA too. But I can't put in any hours during the weekend because I am working those 2 days already :sad:
  12. Beautiful!!
  13. Wow! That crimson is so gorgeous....If they do the new signature stripe in crimson this fall, it will take every ounce of strength I have to resist!

    Love the accessories...so cute!:yes:
  14. i love it congrats !
  15. Sarah,

    Are the dimensions of the crimson stripe tote the same as the new signature stripe totes? The crimson might look a little wider to me.