I've got stripes... (Crimson ones! Come see!)

  1. And if you can tell me what famous singer penned a song that included that line (I've got stripes... Stripes around my...) I'll give you a COOKIE.

    My Crimson Stripe accessories that I've been LONGING for just came in! See below-- my Crimson stripe collection is finally complete! :girlsigh: :tender: :yahoo: :party:

    My fiancee said: "I'd love to shake the hand of the man who thought of that. Bags to put in bags. He's a freaking genius. He's making a mint of money."


    So yeah, here they are! The Large Beauty case and the wristlet, both in Crimson Signature Stripe.


  2. Eye popping and gorgeous! :tup: I love it all.

    Johnny Cash.

  3. VERY GOOD! There's no cookie icon though! How about :flowers:
  4. :drinkup: Thanks!
  5. Lovely. Nice collection.
  6. Cute! Particularly suitable for a Razorback fan!!
  7. ohh, more to add to your collection! wonderful! i'd say it's a pretty eye popin color too. good transition from summer to fall. imo. the accessories are cute. way to go.
  8. WHAT??? No crimson stripe skinny mini???? :wondering tee hee
    Love the crimson, love the stripes!
  9. They didn't make crimson stripe mini skinnies :sad: That's why I got the wristlet.
  10. Ooh so pretty!! They're lovely!!
  11. love it .. love it .. love it!! the crimson is soo pretty!
  12. ohh they are beautiful! :smile: congrads great color!!!! soo rich
  13. So Gorgeous:yes: Congrats!!!
  14. OMG. BEY. PM Me. You and your dad have been on my mind ALL DAY, WOMAN.
  15. YUMMY stripes!!! :heart: it all.