I've got stripes... (Crimson ones! Come see!)

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  1. Yeah but you need a wallet! :graucho:
  2. Very nice! I love matchy-matchy...so classy :cutesy:
  3. AUGH I know, the crimson stripe accordion wallet is on the list, I still just can't bear to stop using my black Kenneth Cole. But I don't even carry IT anymore. I just put all my cards and cash in the wristlet and put it in my bag. I've been doing that with the punch stripe wristlet forever. Kristan, you are a better enabler than I am, drat you! :roflmfao:

    Thank you knuttybar!!! :love: :girlsigh: :tender: Classy is what I try to shoot for!!
  4. you need the wallet. the wristlet can carry something else. you need the WHOLE set!
  5. SO jealous of your tote! I have the wristlet and I adore it. Hunting ebay for a bag to match... beautiful collection!
  6. :roflmfao:

    Beautiful collection.......I've always loved the crimson stripe!!
  7. Looks fantastic! So pretty and fun!! You did good girl!
  8. Congrats on the crimson accessories! I just love the crimson stripe!
  9. SO pretty!
  10. They are gorgeous I love that color combination! Congrats!
  11. RazorbackBelle, your crimson stripe set is very classy! :tup::tup:

    My husband is a HUGE University of Alabama fan. (Go SEC!) Their mascot is the Crimson Tide. So, he's all excited that I'm on the hunt for any crimson stripe items. He actually said, "Wanna make a trip to the outlets so you can get a crimson Coach to take to the games this weekend?" It's hilarious! He actually WANTS me to buy more Coach...just because it's crimson! :upsidedown: This is a first!
  12. Kilala, you know you can still get everything I have-- the tote, wristlet and beauty case-- from JAX, right? They still have all of them in stock :yes: That's how I got mine. That's SOOOO funny that your husband likes them because of Bama. 'Round the bowl, down the hole...' You should make him buy you the crimson items, definitely! :sneaky:

    Cindy, you and Kristan are such good enablers... AUGH!!!! NOW I WANT THAT WALLET!
  13. Crimson is still available? Ooooh. No, must not buy anymore. Well, we Could eat cornflakes and live on love for a while LOL:love:
  14. This is why my SA keeps telling me I need to come work for Coach!

    That would be very bad for me...need to save money and coming home with new things all the time!
  15. That's why I have a full-time job.... I work at Coach part-time to pay for Coach and it works out well. There's no way I could buy something every month if I didn't work there. You'd be a fab SA though Kristan, you're way knowledgeable. The only reason I'm a Coach SA is because I learned so much so fast from the AWESOME ladies at tpf, i swear-- from people like you, kallison, cindy, court, mokoni and too many others to list!

    Whoever gets me as an RAOK buddy is gonna be one happy chick though! :yahoo: Well, if she likes Coach and isn't just hanging out on the Coach boards to be around our sparkling personalities....
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